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  1. Magnetic holders won't always hold your mag in the orientation you want. They can spin the mag on the belt leaving you grabbing the wrong end if you take off in a serious run
  2. http://www.cncguns.com/downloads.html
  3. Can you mill the existing front sight into a dovetail that will hold the new sight? Silver solder would be my second choice.
  4. I willing to bet that already has a gunsmith fit fire control. Shoot it first. And know that the dremel can ruin parts much quicker than a stone or file!
  5. I had to fit my stainless grip on my older sti frame. I can give a hand. What 2011 did you end up getting?
  6. Push the dimples flat! Check your follower, you might be able to relieve the contact area on the bottom to make it seat easier but not accept that dangerous 11th round.
  7. We have shot plates at hale mountain. Make the drive to morrisville. It's worth it.
  8. I had the front grip screw back out just enough to drag on the holster.
  9. I have the OD green grip and it didn't blacken when I stippled it
  10. Take out the over travel set screw and tap it out. Be careful not to bend the bow.
  11. Tritium is radioactive and regulated by big brother. The only way is to buy a sight with it installed... Or pry the vial out and get crackin' DIY style
  12. Start with the magazine spring! Had that same thing happen.
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