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  1. Looks like the links to the classifier stages are no longer working. This will be a problem for people setting classifier stages for the weekend club match.
  2. I've got one magazine with a small crack on the back portion of the feed lip; magazine tube is really old but it still functions. I use it primarily as a practice magazine; I'm not sure that I'd want to take a chance with it at a match.
  3. Lahina Divers was pretty good, but we haven't been diving on Maui since 2010. You should see if the dive company has trips out to Lanai, it may be less crowded than the typical Molokini crater dives. Mike
  4. SV makes a really slick 5.4" single stack. Pricey compared to the other options but worth it. Mike
  5. I've been using the Etymotic gun sport pro. Around $300 and it's worked well for the past 2 years. Mike
  6. Replaced a short flat trigger with the short curved insert. I can get more contact area with the short curved. I'll see if it makes a difference at the range tomorrow. Mike
  7. The SS racer mag pouches are nice. I can easily reach the 5th mag on the belt (30" waist) with the bullet out configuration. However, it can be hard to tighten the pouch to the belt attachment if you don't have a hole drilled to access the attachment screw in this set up. Mike
  8. Just went to the range today to run some rounds through a CZ 452 Scout. Short LOP (12") and easy to tune trigger (replaced the trigger spring and now have a 22 oz. trigger). Fit and finish is first class. Not sure if they have one for a lefty. Mike
  9. A raised magazine release from EGW or Dawson Precision may help. The feed ramp may also need to be re-profiled. Mike
  10. Refinished my Baer TRS with NP3. It appeared to add some thickness to the slide/rails and made the slide/rail fit even tighter. If I had to do it over again, I would only finish the frame and slide. I had the whole gun refinished and the coating on the hammer/sear changed my trigger pull weight. The finish also appears to have worn slightly from contact with the kydex holster. The finish has not worn through, but it appears duller than the rest of the finish. I should also add that Robar's customer service outstanding. Mike
  11. Just weighed my Para Pro Comp .40. With a Techwell IPSC SP magwell it's at 42.25 oz. The Para Pro Comp .40 isn't flat topped which could account for some of the weight. Dawson ICE magwell is heavier than most. You may want to try the smaller Dawson IPSC magwell. Mike
  12. You may want to consider a standard STI grip with a grip reduction performed by an aftermarket company like Advanced Performance. You can also reduce the grip yourself if you have the time and patience to do it. Mike
  13. I checked the IPSC rules but it appears unclear if the flat topped slide is considered a "cosmetic" modification or a "slide lightening" modification. I'm sure that someone has probably used one for the IPSC Nationals. At some point, I'd like to go to one of the larger IPSC matches and shoot in this division. If this feature is permitted, I want to have my other 1911 flat topped and serrated. Mike
  14. I was wondering if the flat top of the STI Trojan slide was considered a "slide lightening" modification under the Classic Division rules. Thanks, Mike
  15. You may be able to use less powder depending on the barrel. The STI barrel in my 5" back up gun seems to be faster than the 5" Scheumann barrel in my Edge. I've run 200 gn. SNS coated bullets at approx. 1.185 over 3.9 grains of N320 out of a 6" Eagle with a stock STI barrel for 170 PF. Mike
  16. You may want to look at several rear sight to check to see if there will be a problem with the Baer fitting into the USPSA box. I have a TRS with a Dawson ICE magwell and Kensight DAS rear sight and it barely fit in the box at the WSSSC match. The Dawson IPSC magwell is shorter so you may not have a problem. Mike
  17. Making time for reloading with a family can be hard. I usually reload after everyone is asleep (11 o'clock in the evening). I'll do all the case prep work Sunday morning before everyone gets up (empty/fill brass tumbler, fill primer tubes, top off powder measure). If I feel up to it I'll load 500 - 600 rounds Sunday evening or be set up for later in the week. Mike
  18. "Looks like a double Larry..." I'd score it 2 alpha. Mike
  19. I also prefer a slightly wider front site (0.100). In theory, a larger front sight will be easier to pick up during the transitions when used with a wider rear sight notch. I'm also trying out an all black front sight rather than one with a fiber optic insert. Mike
  20. There are a lot of good reasons for starting in production. With the lower magazine capacity and minor scoring, you need to focus on visual patience, accuracy, and shooting well from set positions. After switching to limited and with the higher capacity magazines, I'm now working on moving through the shooting positions rather than stopping to engage each array. I don't think that I would have developed any visual patience if I started shooting limited. Mike
  21. I havn't had any problems with the Skeletonized Glockworx strikers and Wolf/Tula primers. I've also used Magtech and CCI primers without any problems. I have broken 2 pf the skeletonized strikers, probably from dry firing. Glockworx's customer service was great; replaced both within 48 hours. Mike
  22. mjts


    I've used a plastic craft box (I think it's a Plano 3700). I use the dividers to create 24 compartments that fit the moonclips. Mike
  23. I had a 2011 that only had a few hundred rounds though it according to the previous owner. I broke the link pin twice before taking it to a local gunsmith. After examining the gun, he determined that the barrel was not properly fitted. He was able to use a different sized barrel link to help with the timing, but advised me that this was likely a temporary fix. This got me through last season and I a had a new barrel fitted this year. You may have to see if the barrel can be properly fitted or possibly have the barrel replaced. Mike
  24. My hands are pretty small and I have to shift my strong hand grip to reach the magazine release. It hasn't been a problem since I was using a Glock 34 for Production and could have an extended magazine release prior to switching to limited. I tried using the support hand to hit the magazine release when I first started, but found that I didn't want to take the chance of accidentally hitting the release during a COF. Shifting the gun and hitting the release has become second nature. After seeing some shooters using a weak hand release, I don't feel that I'm any slower. Mike
  25. I would recommend Matt Burkett's video series and Double Alphas 3GM videos for drills and approaches to movement between targets. Mike
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