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  1. Really?? Did you order from Rick? I ordered one last week directly from Rick - no deposit...In fact, Rick made it so easy that it would be silly to not order one from him. Same here. I got on his waiting list and about 3 weeks later he called and said I'm ready to ship your feeder. That's when he got my money.
  2. I did the same thing. Used JB Weld and glued a new helicoil in the plastic hole. Much stronger now. Was more carefull on tightening the screw down after that.
  3. Funny I have a brand new 650 and when I load the .40sw, I too am getting the same problem. All components are new. I have a 550 too and it won't do it on that. I have the die set exactly how the manuals says. On my 9mm, 357 sig and 45 acp, no problem, just the 40 sw.
  4. I had contacted him last month and was told 16 weeks. Rick called me last night and it's on the way. Looks like things are moving now.
  5. UPDATE.....Just received the new #5 shell plate and made no other changes. Ran 100 rounds through without 1 crushed primer. Looks like that was the problem. Thanks Gary at Dillon for the quick response and service. Bill
  6. Yes using #5. The reason a new shell plate is being sent, is the 40sw with spp worked perfectly. Also the 45 acp was perfect with lpp. Yes I switched the primer punch, primer wheel, primer tube from large to small when switching primers. Dillons thinking is the shell plate maybe slightly off since all other calibers worked. My press is solidly mounted on a bench with no movement. I have played with the spring tab on #2 from touching the case to a lot of play and every where in between. Still crushes primers. I was just looking for other ideas while waiting on a new shell plate. Will report back with results on the new plate.
  7. All the 9mm brass has been through my 550B with no problems. It's brass that I have reloaded before and run through my MG.
  8. Been a long time 550 user and still have it. My new 650 showed up last week and I am having a big problem with crushed primers in the 9mm (cci spp). I have cycled the handle 25 times with just primers to see if they were flipping in the wheel. They were not. The primers I am having trouble with go in at a 45 degree angle and get crushed. Half of the primer is sticking out of the pocket crushed. All the brass I am using has gone through my 550 with no problems. I have read all the 650 posts I could find on this problem. I then decided to try and reloaded 40sw, 45acp and both calibers had no problems. Even the 40sw with cci spp worked perfectly. I set up 9mm again to retry and got 4 crushed primers with 12 strokes. I have the locating tab (station 2) about a business card thick and have tried it way in and way out. The primer plunger is tight, looks center in the shell plate and is clean. Called Dillon and they are sending a new shell plate for starters. I have the bearing on the shell plate and have it as snug as possible without drag. I have pulled the primer wheel tray, clean all parts and lubed the pin it rotates on. Any other ideas from some of you 650 gurus? Thanks, Bill
  9. That was it. Just loaded my first 100 rounds with out any problems. Thanks
  10. Britin I went down and readjusted the powder die and retightened with one in station 1. I thought I had done that before as I always did that on my 550B. I will go back now and recheck all the stations measurements and so far from the few I pulled through it looks a lot better. I can't belive the thread in the tool head will allow that much slop. I mean before I wasn't even close. I'll report back, but I'm thinking I'm good now. Thanks for that tip. Bill
  11. I have 550B that I have used for several years and just added a new 650. It arrived yesterday and spent the day setting it up. This morning I was setting the 9mm dies and noticed after I was done, that some of the walls on the brass case were being crushed. I'm still setting it up and haven't even loaded primers or powder yet. I got to looking and the powder funnel doesn't line up exactly with the brass as it come up into the funnel. About 50% are being crushed. The shell plate is firmly in the index slot and the brass is fully seated in the shell plate. I changed tool head and dies and all the ones I use (40sw, 357 sig, 45acp) are off on the powder fill station. The primer plunger comes up through the bottom perfectly. How could this one station be off? Figures today is Sunday and Dillon is closed. Thanks for any input.
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