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  1. I've been shooting bullseye competitively for 10+ years now, love it... It's extremely difficult but very rewarding personally.
  2. For light loads I've been burning 3.9gr N310 for years with Winchester primers and Zero 185gr SWCHP bullets. Shoots well enough indoors at 50' and outdoors at 25 yards. This group was shot during a practice session, right at 1" CTC for 10 shots. Wish I could do this regularly...
  3. trulyapostolic

    CZ TS 2

    From what they posted on IG looks like they're back to using the plastic trigger instead of the more recent aluminum one
  4. Defnitely look at any the pistols where CZC adds their accubushing. You should find this of interest: https://www.bullseyeforum.net/t11883-cz-p-09-ransom-rest-results It's not a S2, nor does it have CGW 10X bushing but the accuracy potential is quite good with CZ pistols. I recently bought a TSO in 9mm and am developing loads wanting to be well under 3" at 50 yards. I completely understand the desire for extreme accuracy after having a properly built 1911, Chambers Custom does all my 1911 work...
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