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  1. Thanks! Finish is hardchrome. Denver Metal Finishing did it. I have a Sig Romeo 3 XL scope on it now. I like the larger window over the RTS2.
  2. My latest, I've had it for awhile, but still playing with different comps. Not sure what I like best yet. Steve Pitt
  3. I'm with Joe4D. Just because something isn't practical for concealed carry or for police daily use doesn't mean it isn't practical. My 38SC open gun is a GREAT nightstand gun. 29 rounds of essentially .357 mag, and with the right powder it doesn't have hardly any flash. Yes I've tested it in low light, and no I wouldn't carry it for daily use. Steve Pitt
  4. Charlie, Don't let a too wide black front sight hold you back. It's real easy for anyone with a mill to narrow a front sight. And I'll echo Stuart's feedback, you've come a long way, and still improving! Keep up the good work! Steve
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