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  1. BeltFed

    320 mags in X5?

    My standard P320 17 round mags will not fit in the X5 with the flared mag well.
  2. BeltFed

    P320 X5 Thread

    This sounds like a good idea, if you insist on the X5 for a duty gun, and certainly cheaper than buying a V-TAC if you already have a X5.
  3. BeltFed

    P320 X5 Thread

    If your looking for a duty carry, I think you would be better off with the V-TAC instead of the X5; it's more suited to duty carry than the X5 with the flared mag well and sharp delicate sights that will cut you and/or break if they hit something. If I hadn't already committed to buying the X5 when it came in, I would have jumped on the V-TAC that came in the same day. I could have carried the V-TAC off duty, and competed with it, but only compete with the X5, I'm stuck with an issue Glock for work.
  4. BeltFed

    consolidation? (I have a lot of guns)

    I have too many guns. What should I do, should I sell some so i can yadda, yadda, yadda....... I hate these questions. A pistol or rifle is a tool. How many auto mechanics do you know that have just a crescent wrench in their tool box and that's it? Answer: None. They are usually looking for more tools so they can do their job more efficiently. And for the record, I hate Glocks and I have more than one, and none of them are for sale or trade.
  5. BeltFed

    "Glock knuckle" on Shadow 2?

    Just for my clarification on the Glock knuckle, are you talking about your trigger finger or your middle finger?
  6. BeltFed

    Sig 320 X5 vs Sig 320 holster

    The X5 barrel is longer than the full size P320. I got a Blade Tech holster for a full size P320 and the X5 will not fit in it.
  7. BeltFed

    P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    I don't think so. It took mine a little longer to get back than most (I had 2 there), and that doesn't include the issue I had with FredsEX and the required signature.
  8. BeltFed

    Who is best for carry gun Mods?

    Go ahead and get your carry pistol slicked up, as long as it it safe and reliable. I spoke with an attorney that is a competitive shooter, and he researched to see if there was a prosecution or civil case that involved a pistol with a modified trigger. He said he could not find a case where the pistol had any thing to do with the case if the shooting was a justified use of force to begin with. In other words, it doesn't matter if your pistol is stock out of the box, or a highly modified competition pistol, a good shoot is a good shoot, and a bad shoot is a bad shoot.
  9. BeltFed

    X5 vs. M&P

    This is going to take a bit, but basically the trigger quit working. As I remember, after shooting a stage I cleared the pistol, dropped the slide, but when I tried to pull the trigger as instructed, I couldn't. I had all the original parts, so I put them back in the pistol. Man was that a horrible trigger, so I put the Apex sear and springs back in the pistol, and kept the Smith trigger. Now the trigger had a nice crisp release with a lot of over travel; usable but far from ideal. I watched some Apex videos that dealt with adjusting a U-shaped spring in the Apex trigger in order to get the trigger to function. Then I asked the previous owner if he had ever had any issues with the pistol. He told me he had never had any issues with the pistol, and had been shooting it for years. I can't remember if he installed the parts and trigger or not; he was a S&W M&P armorer. Since adjusting the Apex trigger looked like a PITA, and I lost confidence in the trigger (it did it once, it could do it again), and without the trigger the pistol just wasn't what I wanted, I decided to get the X5. I'm a Glock armorer, and I have a S&W M&P armorers manual, I used to be a Sigma armorer (please don't let that get out), and I used to be a S&W revolver armorer, so I figured the M&P couldn't be that hard. While I got through it OK, I just didn't care much for it's complexities.
  10. BeltFed

    X5 vs. M&P

    While I don't have extensive experience with either, I do have both the 5" S&W with the Apex competition trigger kit, and an X5. Long story short, I liked the S&W until it had issues involving the Apex trigger in the middle of a match. It's up and running again, but I lost confidence in it, and that's why I got the X5. So far I'm tickled with the X5, and have no plans on going back to the S&W M&P.
  11. BeltFed

    P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    Finally got my X5 back after 3 days of tag with FedEx. Tried the trigger last night and I can't tell much difference other than it might be a little heavier, but it no longer has the click when pressing the trigger striker down. I should see how it performs this weekend.
  12. BeltFed

    P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    Got my P320C back Monday. Trigger pull seems heavier and the rear of the elide pops up slightly when I dry fire it. Probably wont affect accuracy, but it is distracting. Still waiting on the X5 to come back.
  13. BeltFed

    Flared magwell for AR-15

    After shooting a night match over the weekend and having to do a mag change in the dark, I couldn't get the magazine to go into the mag well. It ate up a lot of time getting my mag in the rifle. I decided I need a flared mag well. Does anybody have any updates or additions to the suggestions that have already been made?
  14. BeltFed

    P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    Got my FredsEx labels yesterday, so they should be going out today. The e-mail I got with the labels said to include all magazines with the pistol, but the first e-mail said not to include any magazines. Does anybody have any experience with this?
  15. BeltFed

    P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    1 month, and still waiting. Got my notice that Sig was ready for my pistols, but no pdf, or shipping label. Thought it might be a computer problem on my end. Called Sig and asked them to change my e-mail address to my work e-mail. They said it may be a day before I hear back. 4 days went by and nothing, so I called them again. They said FedEx was running behind and it could be a week before I get the label. Its over a week now and nothing.