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  1. I`ve been shooting .45 acp for yrs. all diff. bullet weights. used both 310 & 320. no discernible difference in accuracy when comparing bullet weights. but if i had to choose one over the other...i`d opt for 310. just my preference.
  2. no offense taken . appreciate the help
  3. no these are redding .380 dies specifically. for .380
  4. to answer a couple of questions, nope, not dumb enough to use the wrong die. i did try sizing a couple over again. no change. i`m under the assumption that the brass my be weak as i saw in another forum or...like farmer said, i may have to do something to the die. also, i did check with a caliper and there is flair at min. btw, i`m not using a progressive so there is no metal expander. i`m using a set of redding dies.
  5. this brass was from Capitol Cartridge ( once fired fully processed brass ) . no, not the first time i have used these dies. used once before to reload for someone else. doing the same this time for someone else also. and before, i used once fired brass too. i checked the headstamp of these pieces of brass that have a bulge and it does not seem to matter what brand they are. ( all random )
  6. hello, have a problem i have never encountered before in my 35+yrs of reloading. i started flaring some .380 cases. i have adjusted the dies as i always have. i started with the screw backed out and gradually screwed it in until i just had a slight flair ( and by slight, i mean it still did not let the bullet set on the case w/o wobble ). i proceeded to screw the adjuster down a tad further to get just a tad more. then lowering the ram i looked at the case and it had a bulge in it. i tried to adjust the screw out and in a few more time but if i adj. it so there is no
  7. thanks but as i said in my post "working up" requires me to get my chrono out and its way too cold to do that at this time. i was looking for an exact recipe or two that i would not have to chrono. btw, these would be used in an ar10 w/ 24in bull bbl.
  8. hi, due to all the reloading component shortages i have had to buy some 147gr bthp`s ( these are not pulled but new ). i`m sure most of you already know there is hardly any data for this bullet in manuals. what i have read is to just use 150gr bullet data and work up. that would be fine if i lived in a warm climate where i could get my chrono out but is is way too cold. i was hoping someone would already have a few safe pet loads using various powders or a site that had data for these bullets. i would be using nato brass so the volume would be smaller tha
  9. MAC10


    try Penn Bullet Co. i get all my lead there. great bullets!
  10. hi, i have been loading these for years using a Redding taper crimp die. i set the crimp at a "dead nuts" .470. (oal of 1.270)
  11. dead nuts .470 taper for 45acp
  12. MAC10


    if you want to try this, buy a # of CFE pistol and see if you get same results. i did some time ago. again, i really didn`t notice a difference. at least in accuracy.
  13. MAC10


    it is poss. that much +/- would translate to 50 fps. but would doubt it. but on a cooler/colder day you might notice a diff in fps. but as far as accuracy...i don`t think so at least 25 to 50 yds.
  14. MAC10


    i use to but now i use a Horn. LNL progressive. Still no diff. in accuracy...always good!
  15. MAC10


    nope...i dont use anyhting but titegroup in my 45acp`s. especially for 200gr swc`s. use all year long here in PA. never any problems & always the same accuracy!! add... as far as fps, i dont remember ever chrono them in both cold or warm times. like i said, accuracy was always the same. my les baer & range office are nice tight groups @ 25yds.
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