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  1. Sorry to see - following
  2. For Red Dots definately two eyes. For iron sights two if you can and then on longer or precise shots I use one.
  3. Not sure about this application but on getting grips on mountain bikes I use a compressor and goes like it is greased.
  4. I installed by MBX buffer last week. I would have to test side by side with the original buffer so probably not a lot of difference with lower power loads. I do love the Fang stock extedner that I installed. That makes a huge difference although adds weight. Worth it for me.
  5. joerocket

    P320 X Carry

    I looked at the full size last night for the first time and it feels great. It does not feel like a mass produced gun. The slide is smooth and tighter and the trigger is very good for a striker fire. The sights are great and very easy and natural to aim. I am not sure the Compact has a fiber front. The Full size does. If the Carry feels anyhting like the full I am going to get one for sure!
  6. VV N320 for me as well. Clean consistent and accurate. Those Fins know how to make powder!
  7. I have the Romeo 5. It's bright and affordable. I don't know how it will hold up.
  8. There are windage and elevation screws on the laser to change the point of aim. The sights would not be off.
  9. I did mine without sanding. Probably a good idea to some light sanding.
  10. Did not see the fine print. Just looked at the search results screen! Thx for letting me know.
  11. It's made for pistols so you want it to be low. You can add a riser to it. The Romeo 3 is more rugged for the greater abuse a rifle takes.
  12. @garmil - sweet. Once you get it please give us a review. I was hoping I could use the rear notch to co-witness on a Glock instead of suppressor sight so let me know if you think that would work. Maybe need to change the front sight out?
  13. Thanks for the review. I' really interested in the Romeo 1. http://www.sigoptics.com/model/romeo1-1x30-mm/ Super light and small. Not sure if it is too small.
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