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  1. Steve, uspsa matches in Lufkin on the 2nd sunday of the month, Longview on the 4th sat. Not sure on IDPA but both have clubs that shoot it. Hiway 31 west shooting range in tyler for practice. There is an indoor range in Tyler, LOCK N LOAD and they have an IDPA club there. Sadly no USPSA in Tyler.
  2. Was wondering the same thing, I shot steel, steel, drop turner (charlie, mike), static paper, bobber. If I had all alphas I still would not of got to his HF. I did hesitate because the drop turner wasnt there when I transitioned and I started to leave it, then it appeared. A half second still would not of got to Max's HF. Well played.
  3. What SV COP said, the ones I used fit fine and would run about 80%. Get the sv mags if you want something reliable. I had grams followers, new springs, adjusted feed lips, polished, you name it and I tried it to get them to work. This was with the steel signature grip.
  4. Ejector may be out of tune, i had en extended ejector that bent as your describing yours. It just about locked up the gun, dragged when racking the slide.
  5. May want to include something about the apps for smart phones. Using it as a timer was a reason I first purchased a smart phone. Its not as good as a dedicated timer but gets the job done especially for someone just practicing at the range wanting to know their times or hear the beep.
  6. Seems the artists statements are full of doubt. "if i shoot to the best of my ability, I might win" On the other hand the champions statements are very confident, but possibly too much. "Im the best shooter ever born"
  7. I could not make it work with moly or lead bullets, works pretty good with jacketed but I don't shoot those in 40.
  8. I enjoyed all the vids too, thought it was pretty awesome to be able to watch shortly after it was filmed.
  9. LINC


    Andy you came out ahead of some really good shooters. Eliminate the little errors and there will be no stopping you. I need to bump up my practice, your getting a limited gun soon aren't you? Or maybe I just need to stick to open. lol.
  10. Thanks to all the staff and RO's, it was a great match and squad 7 was a great group to shoot with.
  11. Yes Tim it is. I have only shot there once in steel challenge but they do both pistols. Longview is a long drive from Austin.
  12. Is the gate going to be locked this year? How do we get code or a number we can call to get someone to let us in?
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