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  1. Ok, just returned from range. Not a scientific experiment by any means, because I only fired 15 of the old shorter rounds and 30 of the longer OAL loads. I kept the powder the same for both loads. No failure to feeds for all three magazines. So, here is my conclusion: 1. The longer OAL sure doesn't hurt anything, so I will keep it that way. 2. I am not happy with my groupings but only started shooting this automatic and am used to revolvers. I might continue to test different loads to see if any of them are more accurate than others. (As I get more comfortable with the firearm) Right now, I am at the top end of the powder range from my research for Dad's CZ auto. 3. The one thing that I did different than the first time to the range is that I wiped down each round to remove the sticky lanolin case lube. My theory is that the lube was slowing down the feed a little in the magazine. SO, hopefully problem solved. Thank you all for your help. I am happy with this gun!
  2. Yes, I do have the Dillon 9mm case gauge. I am probably a little anal, but I check every round and remove any wax from the bullet with my fingernail before I put it in the box to take to the range.
  3. Thanks rshew, can't wait to try them out. I tried the loaded round in the dismantled barrel and compared it to the factory round and it appears to be plenty far from the rifling.
  4. I have been reloading for revolver for several years now and am getting into autos. My Dad bought a CZ 9mm a year ago and I worked up a load that worked well for him: 3.5 Gr. Solo 1000 with Hard cast lead 125 gr. bullets from Reloads & More. The OAL was 1.139. Lansinoh Lanolin (for breast feeding mothers) was used for case lube on the outside of the cases. I just purchased a Beretta 92fs and shot several magazines worth of ammo to try it out. The factory Blazer Brass FMJ 125gr & 115 gr cycled fine without any problems. The reloads had (2) failure to feeds per magazine. The bullet would lodge with the lead facing up and above the entrance to the barrel. They cleared easily and when I put the bullets back in randomly placed with a mag of factory ammo, they cycled fine. Here is what I have done so far: I loaded another 15 rounds with the identical set up but I used Dillon Case Lube and was careful to wipe off the case lube with a rag. I have also loaded 30 rounds with the same powder charge and increased the OAL to 1.158 which is .002 shorter than the factory rounds. I used Dillon Case Lube and was careful to wipe off the case lube with a rag. Am I on the right track, or should I try something else? It will be several days till I can get to the range to test what I have done so far, so I have time to load up some other things to test. Thank you so much.
  5. Things that work for me when using bulky powders: After you fill the hopper, drum your fingers against the side. You'll see the powder start to settle. Throw about ten charges without weighing and dump them back in, and then start weighing. Bulky powders just take a while to settle. A newer powder that works well for loads that traditionally used Bullseye and 700X is Winchester Super Target (WST). WST's burn rate is in the same ballpark, it's about the same price, and it meters really well...and it was originally marketed as a shotgun powder, so there's lots of shotgun data for it too. +1 for WST it meters as well as 231!
  6. bball97

    help me

    I haven't done that myself yet, but it sure looks fun! Maybe that loud music was distracting! HA. Keep shooting...
  7. Welcome! I was raised in Waukesha. You'll enjoy the info on this site.
  8. OK, can you recommend some quality lead or moly to use with Solo 1000? yes. Call bear creek supply at 209-874-4322 They don't have a website anymore but nobody makes a better Moly bullet, trust me. If you want bare cast lead, hit up my friend Jim's website at www.snscasting.com +1 on SNS Casting. Prompt shipping and good prices.
  9. I had a little trouble figuring it out at first too. Couldn't find any pictures either. I just tried to get by with the minimum and shaved some plating off. Adjusted it a little bit and badabing, perfect. I agree with everyone. I like to have just enough to stand the bullet, but not shave off any lead or lube. It is enough to feel with your fingers. Some times there is a little variation in the size of the cast bullets, but a little twist will get it to stand straight enough to start the seating process. Good luck, have fun and be anal about safety!
  10. +1! Quoting Earnest from the '80's: "You Cain't Be Too Careful!"
  11. I agree with everyone so far. I have used several brands and can't tell the difference in anything but appearance.
  12. +1 on riding it the way it is. Then upgrade to a better bike that fits your needs & interests if you keep riding it. I started with a yard sale Trek for $30 and years later bought a Klein on sale after going over the handle bars several times on single track trails. Now after not riding it for a year, I wish I had the $ to spend on a 1911! Ha...
  13. I cleaned mine the other day because I have been loading lead. (2500 rounds) The bullet lube had built up some, so I scraped it out with a letter opener. Good to go! I also have to scrape the lube out of my case gauge to keep the rounds from sticking in it.
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