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  1. I would agree each target has to be a sold color. The rule states they prefer white, it is not a requirement. Go for it and make one each of red, white and blue.
  2. I've seen recipes using 99% alcohol and liquid lanolin. Mix 1 part lanolin to 4-5 parts alcohol. I haven't tried it myself yet, I will try after I finish my can of one shot.G
  3. The rules do not limit round counts. So yes 10 round mags would be fine.
  4. Looks really nice. Congratulations! Give and update once you receive it and have a chance to shoot it.
  5. I’m fairly new to hand guns. How do you determine if a pistol properly fits your hand or not? I come from mostly shooting shotgun sports where there are standard ways to determining stock fit ex LOP. Are there any factors for pistols as to how the grip should fit in your hand or how to determine the proper trigger length? Also are all government size 1911 butt frames the same size whether it is from STI, Springfield Armory, Kimber, etc.? If so, then the only fit changes come from grip panel thicknesses, trigger lengths and/or grip safeties.
  6. +1 CHEAP and works great I enough mineral spirits to just thin the NuFinish out so it doesnt clump to bad in the media. I also let it run in the tumbler for about 10 mins and get mixed up before I add the brass. +1 That's exactly the process I use.
  7. There's a guy at our club that uses a hand basket from the local grocery store. Seems pretty functional.
  8. Looks like a nice rifle. You'll need to provide a range report.
  9. Welcome I don't know anyone not happy with a dillon
  10. IMO the batting gloves give a little better grip than golf gloves.
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