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  1. This might actually be better for one of the guys in my group, and hopefully the rest can work with the change.
  2. Where do we send payment, made out to whom, since fb3g.com is not up? Love this match, really looking forward to it!
  3. At what point Thursday afternoon would it be acceptable to get a glimpse of the stages after picking up my packet?
  4. Looking forward to this one again. Most fun I've ever had at a match. Fantastic terrain and great people.
  5. Sweet, another friend knew who I was talking about, a fella named Chris. Good to go.
  6. Anybody remember the competitor at this year's Best of the West Surefire Multigun who was a double amputee? Young guy, sat in a wheelchair until it was his turn and then did work on prosthetic legs from the knee down? Had a custom Glock with a lovely silver/bronze nickel boron type slide finish. I asked him at the time what finish it was, but can't remember now! Couldn't have been too many dudes like him there, though...anybody know him?
  7. Confirmation email days 3-6, site says 4-6....shooting is just 4-6, correct? Show up and sign in on 3, shoot 4-6?
  8. Believe you are right. He linked me the wrong barrel.
  9. Here's the link for the barrel that he posted: http://jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPSM223-16L8K Says 16 inch rifle length. [/uR
  10. DISREGARD, SELLER LINKED THE WRONG BARREL. I'm picking up a JP15 upper that is a 16 inch barrel, with the rifle length adjustable gas system on it. The lower for which it is destined has a collapsable stock receiver extension on it. Should I plan on putting a Vltor A5 kit on it, or will the adjustable gas block enable me to tune the rifle length gas to work well with the short receiver extension? I would normally just play with it when I got it, and see what works - but this is a surprise upgrade for my sister (she shoots an aesthetically identical Smith and Wesson VTac upper right now) and I need to be able to upgrade her rifle and adjust it to perfection over the course of a holiday weekend before she leaves. She's not technically oriented and has little patience for malfunctions or "finicky race guns"....if I don't get it right and she has problems during a match with my super-fly upgrade to her previously reliable system, then she's going to be chapped! So... ..buffer weight? ..A5 kit? ..just shoot it on my similar lower with the ammo she uses and tune the gasblock? ..fresh buffer spring? JP spring? Any tips would be appreciated. I need to get it right the first time. Thanks!
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