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  1. The moving arm of the "sortinator" seems like it wastes too much time moving around. Something like this (top view) would reduce the amount of time spent per a case by having linear movement and using a series of trap doors to drop the case down into a tube chute that could be redirected to 5 gallon buckets.
  2. From my experience Longshot works better with heavy bullets, HS-6 is better for 115gr.
  3. If you wear gloves for reloading, give white cotton under gloves a try (they're usually sold in the same area in a store), they help when you have them on for a while.
  4. Here's one I worked up if you're not using a comp. 6.6gr is what I settled on.
  5. I've been using 9x23mm SuperComp brass in my 38 Super Witness (Tanfoglio), but I haven't noticed any real advantage over using actual 38 Super brass. I wouldn't bother with it unless you plan on using it in an unsupported 1911 barrel. The brass is more expensive and you can get 38 SuperComp for less, if price isn't an issue 38 TJ is about the same.
  6. Toilet seems like a good option because you wash your hands after you touch it and you don't wash your dishes/yourself in it (well I hope not).
  7. Thanks for checking that out, it's good to see cross-compatibility.
  8. One thing I'd recommend is to get one or two pairs of the white cotton dermatological/inspection gloves sold at pharmacies, online or large retailers chains. They make wearing disposable synthetic gloves more comfortable over long periods of time and can be washed in between uses. These keep the inner part of your disposable gloves relatively dry/clean so you don't have to throw them out as often if you don't want to.
  9. On the note of finding other sources, would the magazine followers from CZ magazines work in Witness magazines? I noticed that replacement followers on the CZ USA website are $3 each, at EAA they're $10 (up from $5 not too long ago). CZ 97 followers for K10 mags?
  10. This might be interesting: http://www.ehow.com/how_7860597_use-acid-control-soluble-lead.html It states that citric acid is used as a chelating agent for lead and allows it to be absorbed by plants. Knowing that, don't dump it near any plant edibles
  11. Sometimes payment processors will flag the transaction if your billing address doesn't 100% match the text string assigned to your card. This is normally a non-issue if you have an address that follows the standard "number and street name" format but some checkout systems will test the address you give them for validity against a database. Many times they'll "auto-correct" your address and butcher the formatting so that it doesn't match what's stored for your card.
  12. 1) .357 sig -Better performance than 38 Super but at the expense of case diameter and thus magazine capacity. Most 40S&W pistols can be converted by replacing barrel and recoil spring. Neck tension/bullet setback can be a problem, therefore it is recommended to use a powder that fills the case as much as possible like AA#9 and only use bullets with a flat meplat and short ogive. Once fired brass can be found for this caliber (for now). 2) .357 TSW -This cartridge is dead, the only time I've actually seen it was in a small box of random cartridges at a gun show being sold for collecting purposes. Seems only slightly different than 9x21mm IMI. 3) .38 super -Quite easy to load since it's straight walled, not picky about bullet or powder selection. Only drawbacks are that you can rarely get free/discounted brass and firearm selection is limited outside of 1911s.
  13. I've tried using Longshot with 95gr bullets in 38 Super and it reached a point where velocity plateaued (bullet leaving the barrel before complete burn and leaving a small amount of unburnt powder behind). Switching to HS-6 allowed me to go higher with complete burn, Longshot does the same for heavier 158gr bullets.
  14. It's an interior ballistics program you plug different variables into, it'll provide an estimation of pressure, velocity, etc. based on those values. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QuickLOAD It is quite useful in my opinion although a bit on the pricy side if you only use it casually. If you like looking at graphs and charts it'll help you figure out what to try. Here is the information rearranged for the powders you mentioned in your original post with arrows next to the ones recommended. These numbers are based on a 5 inch barrel with no comp or holes. Powder type caseFill Chg Vel. Burn max muzz B_Time % gr fps % psi psi ms ------------------------------------------------------ Ramshot Silhouette 78.2 7.8 1375 100.0 37762 5554 0.451 Ramshot True Blue 72.1 8.4 1375 98.8 36900 5883 0.454 Hodgdon Longshot 72.7 8.4 1375 98.7 36796 5901 0.455 <-- Hodgdon HS-6 76.3 8.6 1375 97.5 36377 6027 0.457 <-- Vihtavuori N350 97.3 8.1 1375 99.0 36138 5890 0.456 <---- Accurate No.5 68.4 8.9 1375 90.7 34746 6488 0.463 Alliant POWER PISTOL 88.9 8.1 1375 91.9 32625 6755 0.475
  15. Yes, it is from QL. The warning is in relation to the SAAMI pressure rating and is issued if the loading is above the listed max (36500psi). N350 is listed as 36138PSI which is only ~600 above max so not really that extreme considering there are some people here loading close to/around 40k psi. QL is theoretical, but seems to give a good guesstimate of where the pressure is at. 36501 PSI will cause the "!DANGEROUS LOAD-DO NOT USE!" tag to appear so take that into consideration. The only two powers on that list I'd avoid trying, when considering pressure, would be N340 and Universal.
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