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  1. I have two G's on my card. Had one for a dozen years or more. About nobody outside of shooting knows or cares what it means any more than they know what 'a 3rd degree black belt' means, beyond "pretty good". "A class", 'Sharpshooter', 'Nationally-ranked', 'High Master' and 'Trail-Rated' would mean pretty much the same thing to most of them. I know a GM that went to teach a basic shooting class somewhere. He asked "who here knows what a USPSA GM is?" Nobody did.
  2. I shot Minor. IMO it was a disadvantage, but smaller than previous years as there were even a couple stages with good 10-round plans. I also won an Area match shooting Minor, but the both are just because I don't like shooting Major SS. Areas tend to be a little more favoring of 10 rounds since they cater to all the divisions. At the local level it depends on the club but often 10 rounds is not a handicap there if they have a lot of PD shooters.
  3. Oh yeah. I'm all for classifications so shooters can see improvement. I was just commenting that non-shooting people generally don't care about M or GM any more than they care about any other classification.. By the standards of the average range-dweller, even a B shooter has godlike skills.
  4. This. E-ink is very slow to update unless the manufacturer does custom display formulations that make little sense to do for an E-reader as it uses more power the faster you flip the pixels. A transflective LCD display would be interesting, but I don't think anyone is selling them commercially at the moment. We used PS on old e-Ink Nook's years ago and the daylight readability and all-week battery life rocked, but the second-plus lag to so much as register a hit relegated them to the back of the closet when we got LCD Kindles.
  5. Wander over to the 3-Gun forums and read the threads about why 3-Gun is declining. The answer they don't want to hear is 'shotgun'-- maybe for good reason that it wouldn't be the 3-gun they know and love with those changes, but it seems the same thing is true of Production and the 10 round limit.
  6. Slap on a trigger pull requirement for SA guns and let them into PD and CO. Make it a little higher than whatever tuned striker guns are getting these days... Production's so-called "decline" is because there's now other viable options for entry level shooters that want to tear around and blast targets, without caring a lot about footwork and precision reloads and stage planning and whatnot while still shooting cheap factory ammo.
  7. Years (and many IDPA rule changes) ago, Todd Jarrett recommended shooting IDPA as a way to improve match accuracy for hosers. I have no idea if he still recommends that.
  8. Dawson Mo Lo Pro ground to a sort-of teardrop shape. They may have stopped making it, but think a ridiculously-huge checkered round button. Tighten it on, mark what parts you want to keep and grind off the rest. As a lefty I need finger clearance so a big button is out..
  9. Nobody is willing to Try anything, because historically there's no way Provisional anything doesn't get made permanent. If that wasn't the case, we could do a lot more experiments.
  10. shred

    Squad Lists

    At Optics Nats, our squad did alphabetical, but randomly pulled a number for first shooter on the first day. Seemed to work pretty well. At a local, drop a 'z' in front of your last name at reg time...
  11. Well, yeah, I know a lot of GMs and even have 2 Gs myself, but the number of them that can lay down 95%+ classifiers all day, every day, any day is vanishingly small. I guess I should have said "GM runs have 90+% of the points, no matter the HF"
  12. The "Frame" as ATF defines it, is metal. That's what the STI rep said USPSA decided. The lower grip section is just some fancy grip panels. From the Feb 2019 BOD minutes:
  13. I looked at that chart and it said "GMs shoot 90% or better of the points" to me.
  14. Sadly there aren't enough people like that. One midrange sponsor I know did a test... for a year or two they didn't sponsor anything. The next year they did. No noticeable effect... I'm still in favor of sponsoring with stuff because I remember 20 years ago when I was a young pup and looking at the cool swag on the prize table and thinking "someday I want to win that". Getting product (especially new things) out where people can see it is a win, but we don't expect much tangible return for it besides a happy shooter or two unless the match is handing out slots. That's why cash sponsorship and cash prizes in this sport are difficult and why skipping a prize table isn't going to lower match fees unless the match is buying prizes with entry fees (which does happen sometimes). If we had companies with ad budgets like Budweiser around, sure they can drop $100K out of the ad budget, no problem, but the average mom-n-pop shooter-shop? Not so much.
  15. Trust me, M and GM doesn't mean a thing either...
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