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  1. Not the OP, but I've been running a 5 min SRO in Open for a few weeks on a modified Dawson mount. I'm pretty happy with it.
  2. Production generally has the most new shooters, so the bottom of the pack is easier to beat if you practice more than they do. Limited (Major PF) is a bit more forgiving on reloads and hits on paper--- but it's also something most competitors moved into rather than started with, so the median skill level is often a bit higher.
  3. Many ranges disallow them because shooters go full-auto on the plates trying to get them all down and that causes lots of bullets skipping skyward... Montrose put a roof over theirs the last few years of the Handgunner Shootoffs.
  4. For the pre-pay clubs how does it work if the match cancels? Refunds? Free re-entries? Anybody ever rage-quit and do a chargeback?
  5. Youngeyes is an eye doc, and a good one. Seeing holes in the paper is often overrated for high speed shooting, as nobody got time for that. I get a prescription for front-sight clear, but instead of smack in the middle clearest front sight, I have the Dr push it out a few clicks so the sight is still "good enough", but there's more clarity downrange for target acquisition and such.
  6. Check your lugs aren't beat up and causing excessive headspace. Primers back out of the case a little on ignition, then get smashed back into it as the powder lights. More room to back out equals more primer that can extrude back into the FP hole when smashing time comes.
  7. I won the Texas State Steel Challenge with Shockbottle prototype +2 pads on my GSG mags, that have been running great for years, so YMMV....
  8. Depends if the mag is included in the weight specified on the website, which isn't clear... add a magwell and basepads and 10-round mags and the weight creeps up too.
  9. Second round being dragged forward?
  10. Usually in this scenario some previous shooter tagged the NS and didn't get caught. But, it could also be a paster fell off the NS or the shoot target and there's no way to know for sure...
  11. Anyone tried using theirs at a lowish sun angle (about 3 hours before sunset and about 40 degrees to one side) and see an extra, fuzzier dot just above the main one? Edit-- It appears to be a secondary reflection off the dot module glass.
  12. Yeah, one of his drills was to shoot 5 runs on paper plates, then go verify if all 5 have 5 holes in them...
  13. Long long ago, Brian said being too poor to afford steel gave him a leg up at the Steel Challenge when they practiced with paper plates (or even no plate at all in one case). IIRC they did bust out some steel right before the match because it is that little bit different. Just do a search on 'steel' by author Benos. It's all gold (except maybe the printer paper topic).
  14. FWIW, they now have a home-test for the low-risk people where you basically crap in a box and ship that to a lab to be tested. Comes back negative, you can skip the scope for a while-- know there is a fairly large false-positive rate though.
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