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  1. Thank for all your input! Now back to the mancave and make some test loads
  2. I rather not drill anything, at least not the gun. I recon I have to drill the mount unless there is anything ready bolt on out there.
  3. Does is matter why? Because I used it last 3 years on my CZ Checzmate and now I upgraded to SVI. I use it to get the dot closer to the bore. 9mm, SVI IMM Open
  4. Hi I'm looking for an 90 degree C-MORE scope mount with SVI bolt pattern (AND SVI screw dimensions), they are using 6-40 and all mounts I seen using 5-40. Mount and screws needed. Anyone know where to find a mount? regards Anders
  5. ok, thanks I will go with the shorter, the one I have tried
  6. I am about to order a SVI gun for IPSC Open division, the difficult issue besides which custom serial numbers to choose :-) is length. 4.75 "or 6". When I have been looking information I find the 6" is easier with iron sights when you get longer line of sight. But in the open class, does it matter? I will choose steel grip so what provides the best balance? Will the barrel length affect power factor in any significant way? I will load 9mm to major. grateful for answers Anders Rothman
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