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  1. Brownell's makes a product called Cerrosafe. It is a low temp chamber casting metal that you can melt with a heat gun and use as you did the epoxy. Use a cleaning rod with patch instead of ear plug. If you do screw it up just reheat it and it will flow back out.
  2. KT Mech LLC http://www.kt-mech.com/i_magpouch_carriers.html
  3. I had the same problem on one of my rifles. The Match ammo gauge said I was good but every round I tried to chamber locked it up like a bank vault. Put the same ammo in a JP Match gauge and it was no go. Resized cases I bought were not resized correctly. I knocked the stuck round out with a G.I. cleaning rod.
  4. If you buy the set from Dawson Precision they will give you a new front sight if it does not shoot to point of aim. If they do not stock the height you need they will make you one.
  5. I zero at 20 yards. I would use whatever rear I liked and buy a Dawson front at the height I needed to zero it at 20 yards.
  6. I put a Dawson adj. rear in a Gen4 34 today. A little metal off the bottom and it drove in with a delrin punch.
  7. I have also seen the firing pin block spring in sideways cause the problem.
  8. I have never seen one , but Wilson Combat made a adjustable that slide was milled flat and screws held sight on. The front screw in picture looks like the elevation screw hole.
  9. I put one on my Versamax from a 1100 synthetic stock . Remington R3 pad , slipped in and holes lined up for screws.
  10. Devils Hole / Havana name is Central Illinois Practical Shooters / CIPS on USPSA clubs page.
  11. I am pretty sure Midwest has rules against shooting steel and drawing from holster.
  12. I shoot a Shadow in Production. I shoot it in Limited Minor with the 18 rd mags with extended mag pads.
  13. Brownells 593-000-038WB 1" QD-100 Bases only, 10-Pak 5930000381" QD-100 Bases only, 10-Pak
  14. Chillicothe Sportsmens Club www.chillisportsmen.org
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