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  1. enrico

    Moonclips for a Alfa Proj 9mm

    Try to contact Remon Langezaal on Facebook. He makes beautiful moonclips. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hello all, does anybody have some reload data for a 145 grn RN in 9 mm and VV N310 powder for my new S&W 929. I need a PF 125+ for IPSC. DVC Eric
  3. hello folks, just came back on this forum since a long while ago. But I have a question since I bought a S&W 610 in 10 mm auto with a 6,5" barrel. I would like to have a nice recipe for this caliber, preferably with VV powder and major PF. Somebody any ideas. Best regards, Eric Cornelissen
  4. Hello revo shooters of the world, in two weeks I will shoot the European Steel Challenge in Holland, does anyone know some good loading data for my 625 with 5" barrel. I prefer VV N320 and now I use 230 Frontier copper plated RN for IPSC. If I have to change these two ingredients, I still prefer Vitha V. So please anyone can help me with your recipe? I'm looking forward to it,tnxs Best regards Eric C
  5. enrico

    Fastest Holster

    First I had a Cr speed, but now I changed it for a race master for 625 and I 'll never go back. groet Enrico from The Netherlands