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  1. I always used Wilson ultima-lube. When they changed it I wasn't happy. I have now gone to Sentry Solution products. All there lubes are molly based and oil free. I paint every thing with smooth cote inside the slide and top of frame. There high slip grease on barrel bushing, locking lugs and accu-rails. Tuff glide on everything else and wipe outside down with the tough cloth. To clean it just takes a dry patch to wipe down. No solvents are even needed. The grease is some of the slickest stuff I've ever seen. Might want to give there web page a look see.
  2. I think the plates are all a mental game. I shoot the plates just a tad bit faster than most, but that works for me. I must have heard a million times to slow down. There are no 5's or 8's on plates. Plates are something that take a lot of practice to get your confidence factor up. Confidence is everything in this game.
  3. If you are using case lube on the brass, check the end of the powder drop tube for lube buildup closing up the whole. I clean the end of the drop tube about every thousand rounds.
  4. Richard, I am fine like Kevin said been busy at work arresting drunk drivers and such. Also as Kevin said I am engaged and it will be around June 2013 after the Cup of course. I haven't shot much at all, but that will change. I just put in a order in to zero. I will be back on the shooting circuit in 2012. Hope everyone is doing well on your end. Travis
  5. I use the case feeder and love it. I load around 30,000 a season and absolutely love it. I think it is well worth the money. My output is around 800 rounds an hour. The way I see it no more than you shoot one evening at the press and you will be ready to go for the whole season.
  6. I have used the ultradot for years. I use the plain 4 moa dot. The match dot eats the batteries. I have had the same battery in mine up to a year and half. I have very good luck out of them. Travis
  7. When the rule changed happened about the 2 lb. trigger I was dead against it. I struggled for a while I was jerking the trigger and everything, But now I can not see going back to the 1 lb. trigger for the BC. The trigger pull has made me a better shooter. It makes me focus more while shooting. We had a Steel Challenge match at our local club, and I was going to use my steel gun which has a 1 lb. trigger and the grip safety is pinned. I ended up pulling my cup gun out and shooting with it, because on my svi I was getting on the trigger way to quick. Also if you shoot anything enough you will get use to it. The NRA needs to leave it one way or the other. Travis
  8. Like caspian1 said I shoot the mover really quick. I get a good sight picture on the first shot. I shoot the 20 and 25 yard shots in the middle of the run. Although sometimes the first shot gets away from me, because I get on the trigger to quick. I find this better. I have tried to shoot it slow but I tend to throw more eights. Travis
  9. I have been using a ultradot scope with a stick shift. It works really good for me. Travis
  10. Hey now it was the first match of the season and I was coming off of shoulder surgery give me a break. Remember Kevin one of these days the student will become the teacher. Travis Travis, Not scared of the shooters or the shooting, but my a$$ gets tired of the "seat" event. OBTW, do not forget, that the students knows what he knows from the teacher and through discovery, BUT the teacher does not always reveal all HE knows to the student. First to admit, I am a sissy when it comes to COLD. See you guys soon, MJ P.S. Actually I think I shot better when I made the down and back trips to Hinton, because I had better shoot well, since I had so much seat time invested in the trip, and it was typically my only mover before the Cup! Oh yea, I was also 10 -12 years younger too. You are right Martin the teacher does not reveal everything, but if you watch the teacher and listen you can catch about everything he knows in do time. Travis
  11. Hey now it was the first match of the season and I was coming off of shoulder surgery give me a break. Remember Kevin one of these days the student will become the teacher. Travis
  12. Something wrong with Bluefield or you just scared?
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