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  1. Hey Guys, If you want to know more about the Gold Team Tanfoglio or are looking for one, I have mine for sale on guns America. 9mm large frame accessorized. Id put it on here for sale but of the 10yrs or so coming here I didn't sign up until a few years ago and rarely comment. So I don't have the 50 or so replies needed to post. I believe my phone and email is under my profile if you have any questions. Have a great day, BW
  2. Well i'm not sure even how to start to mention the gratitude that I and many people like me have on this forum, for the fortitude and disire to give back such a weathly amount of information. Sean, what you given here in this forum is undeniably the best wealth of gold, and something that is priceless!! This life journal of experience "Sean" has given not only forum members, but the thousands whom never log in, have an account or even reply that will read, learn and benifit from it... Sean I'm sorry I dont know who you are, but what you have given with your time, experiences and willingness to help others is beyond a "Thank You"..Reading your posts have not only enlighten me, energised me, but also helped me to understand so many areas and questions, I have always wanted to ask or know.. like you, when you started, I never had a mentor either..I would go to matches, have fun, but mostly alone..An hour drive one way..After a year or so of spending all i could afford on this sport, learn what I could on my own, i felt i was in a "rut" needing guidance, wisdom, desire and knowledge of the game and how to accel!! I wasn't able to find that comraddarie as a quiet guy and qickly left the sport the last 2 years.. Reading through all your posts, ideas, exeperinces, and knowledge you have kindly provided has now given me a new confidence and desire to start again..I cant Thank You enough... I Thank You for being patriotic and freely given your time, knowledge, desire and love of the sport, so others can benifit and pass it on.. !!! I will be giving back to you as you have given for me.. Thanks, bullwind...
  3. Personally,i have the sti and the v12. having a smaller hand and the way the beavertail is cut the sti feels a bit more comfortable..i just got the gold team and it came with two barrels ported and non.. Not sure how many more are out there like that, but that way you have options on how many ports!! the v12 is loud as mentioned, but it shoots flat and love it just as well..I put on rubber grips and now its hard to put down...the aluminum ones look cool but the rubber is the only way to go for me.. the gold team basicially comes set up, but like all of us who like to dink with them, youll always want to change things..and I 've yet to get/buy a big stick so im running 21rds.. Try to git someone at the range/ match who has what you like..most people are more than happy to let you shoot and check it out..I only wish there was a gun dealer here who would let you do that before you buy!!! that would be awesome.. Good Luck, do your homework before buying!! its alot of pocket change, but then its an investment also!!- Get what you want the first time!! Bullwind
  4. guys, if anyone has the factory chrome mags with alumium base pads they want to sell, let me know.9mm or .40 I have had no issues with them at all. send me pm Jeff
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