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  1. I'm close to 3000 rounds in about three months with the RTS2 with no problems. My scope mount has come loose a couple of times. I finally got the screws locktite'd in real good. I bought from Shooters Connection in January and probably got a newer version. Did not have to do anything with the battery compartment as others have had resort to.
  2. Got mine in today. It is the real deal. Same box, instructions, and c-more as the other 3 I own...only much cheaper:)
  3. Just got an email from Amazon saying that my Blue 6 MOA Click Switch SlideRide was being shipped. Ordered it Jan. 4, 2015 for $137. Good thing I didn't need it right away, but for the price it was worth the wait.
  4. I bought and installed an RTS2 in January 2015. Have put over 2000 rounds through the gun including shooting the FL Open. So far, no issues. I really like it and hope my luck continues. As a backup, I did buy a crazy cheap slide ride on Amazon and a spare Allchin mount just in case I need to do a last minute swap. So far, I don't think I'll have to worry about it.
  5. I too use the 9mm shell plate for 38SC. Sometimes that wire that ejects the round can ride up and change the leverage point causing the round to bind. Make sure the wire is as low as possible. I put some slide glide on the wire as well.
  6. +1 CK Arms frames I've built two guns from CK Arms frames and have been very pleased. Just finished putting together an open gun using a CK Arms frame and slide. That was the easiest slide/frame fit job I've ever experienced! Definitely good value for the $
  7. It has been great to learn on and has served me well and it's not one thing but a bunch of small things that have added up. It's just that I am at the point where I don't want to search out a hack (like for the pendant) or find the right forum post for an answer. Plus I am losing steps right and left on the simple things like that tool tray I have been working on. I believe that to be the computer I have been using (small POS no expansion capability) so I may solve most of my performance issues with the computer upgrade but I might be just wishing and I will have the same issues with M3 but I
  8. hossmachine has a couple of Mach4 vids on youtube. I like Mach3. The default screen is pretty good, but I've been using the aqua screen set that is available on their website as it displays info more useful for when I'm using the xBox 360 controller.
  9. I just bought a .355 4 port threaded hybrid with W/N ramp cut at Speed Shooters International. Maybe I was lucky, but have been trying to find that type of barrel for over a year. Schuemann doesn't respond to emails nor answer the phone from my experiences to date. But, it does seem like more barrels are finally getting to market.
  10. I use 115 Montana Gold JHP over 9.3 gr Silhouette. Makes 173 or so power factor.
  11. 60's Corvette Coves and Stingray down the hood...great for cruising through stages
  12. I've had this problem. The threads were not deep enough on the comp. I ran a tap through the comp (two times actually) and all was good. It was still snug after re-tapping. I've been shooting it for over a year now and the comp hasn't moved. Also, I used the align reamer tool as a guide when starting to screw the comp on to minimize any chance of cross-threading.
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