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  1. I had horrible luck with these in my 686 SSR, tumbling and groups all over the place. I don't remember the load data, but I can look it up...
  2. I've been using 3.5 Grns of TrailBoss with Extreme RNFP's(110PF) for .38 Special. Burns super clean, my left thumb has hardly any residue on it compared to Titegroup or American Select. It works great for Steel Challenge, makes for a difficult reload for IDPA. I'm switching to Berry's 158 RN bullets.
  3. Pretty amazing that the highly valued Winchester is really not much better than the "throw all of it you find away" Amerc.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to do this, quite an eye opener!!!
  5. Thanks all, I have some parts coming from Numrich, with a few back up pieces B.O.'d at Brownells. If I can't get it sorted out,it WILL get fixed one way or another. I sent this same gun back to S&W and it was repaired to my liking within a week, and that was a warranty job, I should have left well enough alone. Chris
  6. Well, I was trying to smooth out the trigger pull on my 686 SSR and stoned the nubs on the trigger that contact the cylinder stop, thinking they were MIM flash, due to my 625-8 and 686-5 not having the nubs on the trigger surface. Now the cylinder won't turn. I can either get another trigger, or send it in to S&W to be repaired, a hard lesson learned. Any one have any idea what trigger part number will work in this gun??? Numrich's has a few, but not sure if any will work. Thanks, Chris
  7. I put some X frame grips on my new to me 625/8 JM and 686 SSR, and the difference was amazing!!!! Highly recommended.
  8. U.S.I. (United Sportsmen International) in Concord Ca. is holding a Wednesday night Steel Challenge match series, three down, nine more to go. The match starts at 5:00pm and goes till 8:00pm, or when the sun goes down. We are shooting three stages with four or five strings in each stage. A complete set usually takes me forty five minutes to an hour, the first match had nineteen shooters, the last one had forty six!!! The only requirement is being a member of one of the U.S.I. clubs, suitable equiptment, and a bit of common sense. We are waiving the usual Diablo Action Pistol credentials usually reqired in a match such as this by starting from the low ready position, and no on the clock reloads, with a ten round max capacity to keep it fair. Classes are: REVOLVER(hint, hint), limited(all centerfire semis),open(almost anything goes) and rimfire. Pretty basic, LOTS of FUN!!!!! Chabot Gun Club in Castro Valley shoots PPC sometimes as well. Get on U.S.I, Diablo Rod and Gun Club, or Calguns (S.F. Bay Area)websites for more info. Chris
  9. checkenbach

    M&P Mags

    I called S&W today to ask about 10 round mag availability, they were out of stock, with NO ETA!!!! He said they come from Italy(MecGar??). Nice. I'm about ready to buy a Glock 34, at least you can get parts for it.
  10. checkenbach

    M&P Mags

    I'm in need of 4-5 ten round mags, and there are none to be found ANYWHERE!!!!! (at a decent price, anyway). I've had 4 on order from Midway, GT Supply, and Brownells for over a month. I can't use anything else(legally) being in California, what's the deal?????
  11. I couldn't get a good crimp with an older model Lee FC die in .45, until I turned the lock ring upside down(O ring on top). Work great now.
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