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  1. cletus9mm

    Freedom vs Atlas Gun works

    Ive had guns built from some of the most popular builders that get regular coverage on this forum. They have all been good guns, but if i were to get another one built right now it would be an atlas. Overall i was happier with the whole process. Not necessairly by a huge margin, but overall the experience along with the gun represent the finest experience ive had to date.
  2. cletus9mm

    sig mpx gen2 charging handle?

    Thanks so much for the response!
  3. Can anyone confirm or deny that sig has addressed the charging handle issue on the gen 2 mpx? I know the gen 1 guns beat up the reciever. Just curious if anyone has a gen 2 with some mileage on it that can answer my question. Thanks in advance.
  4. cletus9mm

    Single Stack Photo Thread

    Atlas gunworks build. 41 oz with tripp corey mag. Pvd slide with an np3 frame.
  5. cletus9mm

    Atlas Single Stack

    It's long overdue that i give thanks to Adam and Atlas for this build. I just wanted to make sure i got enough rounds through it in order to give it a fair evaluation. I received this gun months ago but have been too busy to get around to shoot it much. Today was different. Put 200 rounds through it today and only about 150 additional in the months leading to today. The gun has ran perfectly with everything I have fed it. I've used 180 grain bayous, 180 gr Montana Gold Jhp's, 180 gr zeros. Fed them all with no issues. The gun is more accurate than i am and i like to think i'm a decent shot. I've owned custom guns from many of the "bigger" names on this site and this gun stacks up against any of the other builders without question. It is splitting hairs, but overall, this Atlas build is my favorite overall vs the other custom guns that I've owned. That is a pretty subjective thing to say I know, but the overall build is just put together really well. There are no tool marks anywhere, the trigger is excellent, the accuracy is excellent, the finish is great. The slide to frame fit, barrel fit, bushing fit all done very nicely. Sorry it took so long to give you a thanks for this build Adam, but i wanted you to know i'm pleased. Regards, Joe
  6. cletus9mm

    Who would you go to for XD accuracy work?

    I have no dog in this fight but i tend to agree more with springer in this discussion. Im looking at this more from the uspsa game. These guns simply dont demand super accurate guns save perhaps for the highest level of competiton. Guns that are slightly more accurate than the next dont make the difference between winning and losing in this game. The people putting these guns out have little to gain by quantifying a group size. There are disciplines where this would be more relevant but uspsa shooting isn't one of them in my opinion.
  7. cletus9mm

    Who would you go to for XD accuracy work?

    Is it reasonable? Sure. Is it meaningful? Again, its just my opinion but no. A company or gunsmith can shoot as many groups as they like with as many different brands of ammo as they like to print a fancy group on paper. They can shoot a x inch group at x yards and call it an x shooting gun. People with rifles do it routinely saying they have a quarter minute rifle because they shot a quarter minute group at x yards once. That does not make it a quarter minute rifle. It means that rifle shot quarter minute once. Shoot that same rifle with meaningful number of groups and the size will grow. It will grow because of whatever variable you wish to look at. It will grow because of ammo, shooter, wind, fatigue, whatever. It ultimately doesnt matter. There are companies that guarantee a certain degree of accuracy. In my experience those guns can be so tight that you need to contort yourself, and or have extrordinary grip strength just to manipulate the slide and get a round in chamber. Can it shoot a quantified group? Sure. At what expense? I would argue that most manufacturers with any skin in this game can make a gun accurate enough to be competitive right out of the box bone stock. Companies that massage these pistols make them more capable of being shot accurately and also likely, more accurate . I believe there to be little benefit for a company to say the guns will do x at x yards, because they dont have control over variables once their work is handed over. Its merely an invitation for an argument if someone cant replicate results that they could. There is absolutely a reasonable expectation of performance when people pay for upgrades, but to expect those upgrades to be guaranteed with an absolute number is tough for me to agree with because of the variables involved. Ive had my share of stock guns and custom guns and shot more of each than i can recall. I shoot the "custom" guns better without question. Not because there is a guarantee behind them, but because they are greater than the sum of their parts. You simply cant quantify it.
  8. cletus9mm

    Who would you go to for XD accuracy work?

    I held back most of my opinion from my first posting of this thread but since the discussion has started ill add to it. It is if my opinion that an accuracy guarantee is largely meaningless with most pistols and even moreso with a "service pistol" like an xd or any number of variants like it. The first reason being what springer mentioned. There are too many variables to control. Ransom rests are far from an end all be all quantifier of accuracy. The rest itself imparts variables that arent precisely repeatable. There are various arguments that can be found through searching the web. When it comes to practical shooting there are other factors that lend themselves to shooting a pistol accurately vs shooting an accurate pistol. The trigger being one of the biggest factors im referring to. Again, without quantifying hard numbers ill shoot a pistol better with average accuracy and a great trigger vs a gun with an average trigger and great accuracy. Im all for having some sort of guarantee when i shell out my hard earned money but the guarantee in this game comes from the reputation of good companies and good gunsmiths that make a gun more accurate in the hands of practical shooters. Unfortunately that is hard to quantify with numbers. All the best.
  9. cletus9mm

    Who would you go to for XD accuracy work?

    Could try canyoncreek. Rich made an xdm for my wife that shoots very well even though ive never bothered to quantify its performance with a test target. He welds the frame up to remove some of the play in the slide. He does a fantastic job. The 2 xdms ive felt that he did (his 4p guns) feel and shoot very well.
  10. cletus9mm

    furthest pistol shot you've attempted and made

    Thanks for posting a vid! Sweet shot.
  11. cletus9mm

    CZ Tactical Sport Sight Question

    Mine were spot on as well
  12. cletus9mm

    Lee's Limited Gun Pics

    Tasteful and sexy.
  13. cletus9mm

    furthest pistol shot you've attempted and made

    Ive noticed that if youve got a decent spot in the horizon for a holdover you can dial into some pretty silly distances without a lot of trouble.
  14. cletus9mm

    Do you always load as long as possible?

    My biggest concern loading that long would be support for the bullet. The brass wont have a lot of purchase on the bullet to keep it concentric. Ive never loaded any .40 rounds to a length past 1.2 but my suspicion is that youll have more runout of the bullet with it being that far outside the case. More runout would likely make the rounds less consistent therefore less accurate. Again its something ive never qualified with range time but it sounds good! I also seat my .40 with a redding micrometer die. When i am setting up for a new length i always back the die way out and turn it down till i get desired length. Its always been spot on for me. Just arbitrary numbers but if im at 1.2 and i want to seat at 1.180 then i can just turn 20 thousandths on the die and itll end up at 1.180. If thats not happening with yours my first thought would be to clean it. Mine came from the factory pretty heavily oiled. If you start out with the bullet short, say 1.150 and want to back out the die 30 thousandths to hit your 1.180 your bullet may be getting pushed further in the case while its trying to "adjust" the internals of the die to push the seating mechanism up the 30 thousandths you dialed in. I always start long and dial the number down. Always been spot on that way. As far as your case gauge keep in mind that those are for saami spec rounds. The long .40 that i make wont gauge but they drop in and out of the barrel of the guns freely which is ultimately the gauge you want.
  15. cletus9mm

    furthest pistol shot you've attempted and made

    Im happy to see this thread still has some traction. Some very nice marksmanship in these posts!