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  1. Atlas gunworks build. 41 oz with tripp corey mag. Pvd slide with an np3 frame.
  2. Ive noticed that if youve got a decent spot in the horizon for a holdover you can dial into some pretty silly distances without a lot of trouble.
  3. Im happy to see this thread still has some traction. Some very nice marksmanship in these posts!
  4. I've been a member on benos for a while now. When I saw that the title of a thread was "six minutes", I immediately said to myself "I bet this is a thread about shootersconnection." Not only do these guys ship quickly, they do it so often, that I knew it was them when I saw the "six minutes" post. Simply amazing. Thank you guys for doing what you do.
  5. Odd? I suppose that's one way to put it. It was so hard to stop though! After seeing the puffs of dirt walking closer and closer to the steel was addictive. Waste of ammo that could have been used more constructively? Absolutely. It was fun to try though.
  6. Now that's ambitious! I've tried a few hundred rounds at just over 500 yards in soft dirt where I can spot my shots and had no luck making the steel sing. Got close enough for ooohs and aaahs but ultimately no joy. Good luck though!
  7. thats fantastic! i know the exact gun you're talking about which makes the story that much sweeter. it was inaccurate and had just enough power to make it worth shooting the bb instead of throwing it. luck was certainly on your side and i think this story takes the cake for me! nice shooting.
  8. The lucky idiot who did it was the me. Even a blind squriel finds a nut! My avatar is the pistol. I can hit a 10 steel plate 5 out of 6 times or better (regularly) with my single six at 100 yards. 10 inch steel plate that is! (off a rest) Welcome to the forum buddy!
  9. thats too funny. thats the exact comment i made after he made the shot. the hold over was really really high. we were both picking spots out on a tree that was just behind the targets for hold over. im really itching for spring so i can make some video to post on here.
  10. the weather is gonna be crap up here for the next few months but i vow to make some video of long distance shots once the weather turns. you guys shooting the "carry" weapons and shooting at these distances are nuts!
  11. that is an excellent shot. my buddy is a fanatic about his 1911 45's. i'll try and get him to attempt this hopefully saturday. i'll be sure to empty the beer into my belly first so that no hopps or barley are injured during the making of said video.
  12. some sweet shots posted here! i just can't help but smile shooting pistol at steel a long distance away. putting the pistol at low ready and waiting that second or two before you hear the "ding". it's magical. i'll try and make some video this weekend to put up here. i suppose it would make a pretty fun first video post for the forums.
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