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  1. EAA is the only game in town. The first 6'' 9mm I recieved from EAA, I sent to AWC who cut and threaded the barrel to fit my Witness Match for suppressor ready status. I've since recieved an additional 6'' 9mm and a 38S barrel. They seem to take 4-5 months to show up.
  2. A new 9mm barrel is less than $200 from EAA. From a safety stand point, might be the way to go. EGW measuring block for 38S, 9mm just doesn't fit the same. But 9x23 does. If you really want to shoot different calibers out of the same barrel, try 9x23 out of the 38S barrel. After alls said and Dunn your better of running proprietary complete upper slides or barrels for each caliber you shoot.
  3. Isn't that the Eurpean Tangfolio- English web site?
  4. The conversion kits will fit either frame. Seems cheaper to keep it on the Limited Pro. Sounds like your good to go if any fitment issues come up. I've got no .40 recipes, i only load 9x23 and 38 Super/Comp Major. Enjoy your new slide.
  5. Longslide w/Supersights or Limited kit will fit(also the Match). Keep in mind that every now and again that the conversion kit you get Might have to be Gunsmith fit. I just put a Limited 38 Super conversion kit on my railed Match 9mm. Very tight fit but after 700rds is now broken in. Yes new mags will need to be gotten. I've got three frames and five slides, thats what Witness's do that no other gun will do!
  6. Two day shipping from CO, what a great country we live in!
  7. The factory did a very poor job of "melting" any part of of the newer railed guns. Very sharp edges, of all the railed guns i've owned, it's the worst i've seen. BUT that extra .75" length in dust cover and the extra 2"+oz. of weight do seem to help when the Limited slide is on the Match frame
  8. Put my order in on Hennings web at 2 pm EST today, Henning called to fix a mistake i'd made and Complete order shipped two hours later. It's such a pleasure to deal with suppliers who care about their reputation!
  9. Limited 38Super conversion Kit came in last week. EAA shipping green box, cleaning brushes, cone barrel, LPA adj R. sight and one K38 mag. Barrel has serial # BUT no "Limited" cut into slide, CAL 38 SA only. Extremely tight fit on Railed 9mm Match frame. No play in frame to slide, at all. Ran 150rds of Armcor Saturday, will need another 300rds run next week. June it's off to the Gunsmith for ambi-safety, FO front and black Cerakote complete gun.
  10. Please see CZ forum-Classifieds: WTS CZ 75 SP01 Shadow Custom Black + Parts 9mm Shadow is Sold pending funds BUT TS .40 Complete Upper (lpa adj. dot R & FO F) 2.4lb. trigger pull IS Still available! Slide fitted to Shadow frame.
  11. According to the owner of AA&A the reloaded is loaded identical to their new brass. The only difference i see is the cost.
  12. If you ever put the Henning trigger In you will throw the old one in the closest river you can find!
  13. If you get the Limited you will need Henning pads to fit the magwell. Not needed for the match.
  14. Ben, I bought the same EAA mount for my Hunter 10mm(same frame as Limited). Just messing with it , seems like the R. sight Is going to have to come out. Proprietary mounted scope. It's not what i thoght i would end up with. But i'm OK with it because the gun does hunt. Slide racker might be the way to go. What scope and scope mounts are you going to use?
  15. OK! I opened the safe and got out the Hunter 10mm and a Match 38 Super top end. Fits like they built it that way. 38 Super slide fits flush with the Hunter frame. So it takes at least a 4.75" slide to play. The Hunter and Limited frame are the same except for color and magwell? I've known for years that the Match & Hunter frames were both LF guns but the raised checkering on the grip of the Hunter frame always thru me off when looking at it compared to the Match frame. Realality is the Hunter/Limited just has a full length dust cover compared to Match. This is no different than putting a compact slide on a Match frame. Da Now if the Limited Conversion Slide would come in from EAA i'd be a happy camper!
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