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  1. I know it was under $20, not sure of the lumens but it was really bright for its size (about 5" long) uses 3 AA batteries, I like my flashlights to use common batteries.
  2. I picked up one of the newer Chinese lights from Costco, the first time I tried it at night as a test it hurt my eyes going from pitch black to really bright, not reflecting just really bright, I figured that in an emergency i'd be fighting trying to see while blinding the bad guy. Someone suggested that I shoot the beam at the ceiling first that way my eyes have a moment to adjust as I scan the room before dropping the beam on the trouble spot, tried it that way again and found that it works a lot better for me, my eyes didn't hurt and I was able to drop the beam with no problem, now this was with a hand held light, never been a fan of weapon mounted light at home.
  3. Do they do a tactical roll before every shot?
  4. Luis

    Shotgun for sale.

    Amazing thing is that I have a BIL that's single (imagine why) who's toenails almost look like that..........
  5. Luis

    Short funny jokes

    What do you call a man with no arms or legs having a seizure in the bushes? Russell..... What do you call a man with no arms or legs getting attacked by a tiger? Claude.... What can you do with a dog and a cat that have no legs? Have a drag race.....
  6. Luis

    Dad Joke Thread

    You know why you've never heard a dog whistle? Dogs can't whistle...............
  7. That looks great, thank you for the detailed description of the finish.
  8. Wow, been gone too long, been sidetracked by life but I'm back, I'm in Tucson and most of my shooting has been hi-power, I do the local matches, once a year I go to Ben Avery and shoot the Washington's birthday match, otherwise I just reload and paperpunch.
  9. Hello there, I've been a long time lurker and finally signed up, hope to learn and contribute as I can, Luis.
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