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  1. Snyder I warned you about going down those dark rabbit holes
  2. i can only help with one of your questions tap the pin just far enough to remove the old release align the new one and tap it back to the depth of the old one
  3. What load did you test with? One of the guys at the range has a Banshee and i took it for a test run of the box new it ran but the feel was strange did not have enough time to determine if that was good strange or just strange interested to see your version. The one I fondled was a pistol so that may have contributed to the strange part.
  4. Looking forward to trying that setup since food will be the feature at the next group meet I guess it will be the 31st. just when I thought we had this figured out here we go down another rabbit hole. I will bring ammo
  5. Daunted This has a little to do with your post, I have a GMR15 and I just finished a parts gun, side charging upper and lower from NFA (I am not trying to enter the mine is better/bigger than yours debate) the barrel and internals are Taccom, I knew Mike when he was at JP, The home brewed PCC has run really well except when I mixed in a few 9 major rounds , no not on purpose,. I think most of the suppliers are putting out good stuff so follow your heart. If you plan on repeating my mistake get an extra extractor Now to my real reason for responding I went through warfare training at Ft. Polk and had the "opportunity" to visit your fair city. I would love to return to see the progress/change however the memories were wonderful.
  6. Is this not a side charger? will the handle just be to stop the puff?
  7. Not sure about the mag issue, I live in a run what you brung state so I have always used the hi-cap mags. I did the barrel break-in thing but the gun shot REALLY well out of the box. I used the "break-in" time to test some loads some call that "multi-tasking" I call it having small lots of previous loads that needed to be shot. I think you will enjoy the GMR 15 the only stoppage I have experienced was a primer falling into the trigger group and locking things up and I am at around 5000 rds
  8. I have known Dave longer than either of us would like to admit in public, way before he became associated with STI and I have several STI guns which apparently were done before all the issues I see mentioned here. All were done while Dave was a major part of STI and if it is to return to past glory he would be da man. Dave I have mixed feelings about this my lives in Houston and I was coming out to test the motor-home and the corvette but since you are going back to a real job can I have em???
  9. Don't the MBX ext"s work a bit differently?
  10. You can ride those in most retirement communities in FL. so maybe you can write it off to health reasons but I would get the heavy duty springs cause the guns ain't that heavy but ammo for 3gun can start to add up
  11. Les, I don't know if I should be proud of Howard or ashamed but since i joined the super-senior crowd I find myself less ashamed of anything. How are the three of us going to fit on that thing? but I have found you can get a lot more beer and snacks on a golf cart if you leave those clubs in the trunk of the car. I think I like Neomet's mode of transportation better but it only appears to seat 1 unless you are on the lower deck (kind of like I feel after a match). Ronnie showed up today with a polaris sideXside it was really nice but the A/C button appeared to be broken.
  12. L9X25 When you do your annual let me know and I will bring my stuff over and we can toss em in the dishwasher together
  13. L9X25 had me try the ETS and I already had the MBX mini on a glock mag and switched it to the ETS and have no problems and it seemed to be an easier fit. Glad to hear about the cleaning thing though cause my cleaning schedule do not have these mags due for cleaning until Apr 2019?
  14. Small rifle may have issues is some striker fired guns (usually when the triggers have been exchanged) small rifle usually works in every thing else. See what your gun will handle and there you have it.
  15. I currently run the JP15 and love it shoots everything I put in it and the mag angle that seems to give some problems has never been an issue. No broken parts to date. I have been looking for someone who has the complete gun from MBX so far no news. I have friends who tinker L9X25 and Les are two of the rabbit hole guys I know so I listen to them when they speak. I am not as prone to go down the hole anymore so I find a quality piece and go with it since things like weight don' t seem to be an issue with me. Price is a consideration but when I look at all the parts lying around in my shed some of my simple builds have cost as much as a complete unit with less frustration. But the PCC thing has come a long way in a relatively short time so a build may be the way to go if you enjoy tinkering since some of the best tinkerers in the business hang out here you will have some great resources to draw on (or misery to share in) so either way remember the firearms industry needs both factions and my kids don't need that big of an inheritance anyway
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