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  1. Lord Winchester, the neighborhood watch (dog).
  2. My friend Carl was the funniest and quickest witted guy I've ever known. We were camped on the Yellowstone river at a reenactment with nice folks from all over the Midwest. At the time he lived in Southern Ca. Drive by shootings were all over the news at that time. A guy from Wisconsin asked: "So Carl, are those drive by shootings as bad as the news makes them sound"" He just shook his head and replied- "They're awful. Why just last week I had to go to LA and I wasn't sure I'd have enough ammo to get home."
  3. Ask on the Colt Forum. Lots of knowledgeable Colt aficionados there. Value will depend on who and where shipped to and engraver, etc. Good luck.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Some of the best ranges are close to you. I'm sure others will chime in on ideas, but showing up with what you have and having fun is a good place to start. Good luck.
  5. It's fun getting older. I get to meet new people every day.
  6. I know they shoot IDPA in Port Townsend if you're up for a road trip across Puget sound. They are also starting up USPSA there. Welcome to the website.
  7. The gun has to go into the FFL's bound book so they normally open to get the serial number(s). Dry firing or allowing anyone other than the new owner to handle it is an absolute no-no. If the box is damaged when it arrives, then they wait for the owner to open it to assess any potential damage.
  8. Check out Boomer Shooter also (if you haven't already). Good guys.
  9. Yep. My hands and arms have the bite marks. I believe he thinks we're squeak toys- he bites, I squeak.
  10. This is our newest addition to the family. 12 week old English setter boy, Lord Winchester (Chessie) and his best pal our springer Livvy. It's been love at first sight. She even puts up with his needle like teeth.
  11. Good luck and welcome. Lots of places on the I-5 corridor to shoot.
  12. One thing I know is I learn something new (not to do) every time I go to a shoot.
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