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  1. Hey Nate, I was finishing off the spikes for him. First battery lasted I think 4 stages and the second battery finished them off.
  2. I've experienced the same issue, stripped the slide and cleaned everything up and the problem disappeared. I probably had about 12K rounds without fully stripping the slide down ...
  3. No damage to the shell holder, the case did get stuck in the die. Was easy enough to tap out.
  4. Too funny, I just received one from Optics Planet and my first thought when I opened the box was "really?". The sight is just sitting in the box unwrapped, no goodies at all Vortex has them beat on cleaning cloths, that's for sure!
  5. No mate, way off. The 180 line to those targets was actually inside the beam closest to the targets. There wasn't much room to shoot those targets from inside the shooting box at all. In addition, there was some kind of barricade the width of the stage behind the shooter so the scorekeeper and not-beeper wielding RO's were off to the sides.
  6. CTD is dead to me after this, they would ocassionlay have some oddball thing I'd need, but after this I won't be back to their site.
  7. I had one of these happen last night. Major PITA. I think I may have had some brass in my bin that didn't get One-Shot. Won't do that again ;->
  8. Camera right is downrange on the stage. Not a great place to stand, but he is technically up range. There were quite a few 180 traps at Area 8, this stage had two of them ;->
  9. FWIW, I resized/deprimed 500 9mm last night (in less than an hour) without any issues. Not exactly a belted magnum LOL but works for me. I'm using the Lee bench plate, pretty robust mounting system.
  10. There is a video showing Lee sizing .308 and a note that it requires proper case lubrication. I haven't found any note from Lee that it can't be used for sizing, where did you see that?
  11. Bayou - 124gr. just received an order placed 7/1, about six weeks from order to shipment SNS - 147gr. shipped and received in less than a week.
  12. Hi Todd, Please add me to the wait list for 9mm Standard Sort. Thanks!
  13. Is there an API interface? In any case, I'd be happy to help out.
  14. It would figure that the first match at your club that I can actually make will be cancelled ;-> Bummer!
  15. Home club in NJ cancelled this Sunday's match. More to come I suppose.
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