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  1. Could it be that you just need a stronger recoil spring?
  2. 1) Nice work. 2) Why am I in the Glock sub-forum?
  3. I'm a MD at a local IDPA club. With the 100th anniversary and all, I'd like to have a match where we encourage people to bring their 1911s for a special match. We did this one other time and encouraged shooters to shoot ESR/SSR for that match. It was a lot of fun. Now, for the 1911 match, I was thinking of ways to make the COFs fit the 1911s better. Round counts of 9 and 17 would help. Does anyone have other ideas?
  4. I'm not sure if it's a range gremlin or what but my Pro Ears keep turning on while in my bag. I'll have both sides off, throw them in my bag, and when they come out one of the two sides will be on. I know that the units have "auto off" but it still equates to extra use and extra draw on the batteries. I was thinking of buying a container specific to the muffs so they are protected. Are others having this problem? If so, how are you fixing it?
  5. A shooting buddy just got a 9mm Spartan. I think that it's worth what he paid for it. The slide to frame fit was terrible. I could rattle the slide on the frame. Finish was terrible. The fitment on parts was terrible (big gaps around the grip safety). And the trigger was the worst that I've ever felt on a 1911 and I've shot a lot of them. Based on what I'm reading here, this does not seem to be the norm for the Spartan. It is just my experience with a friend's gun. I'm not sure why Kimber got brought into this but I have Pre-Series II and Series II Kimbers along with Springers and Baers. The Kimbers that I own are a far superior product to the Spartan. Of course I would expect a $1000 gun to have a better finish/fit than a $600 gun. IHMO/YMMV
  6. I don't shoot many classifiers. I've been shooting IDPA for 3-4 years. I spent my first couple of seasons getting my 5-gun Sharpshooter. Now that I have that, I wanted to make Expert this year. I shot a classifier this summer and was able to shoot a 104. I'm well into striking distance for SSP Master and hope to reach it next year. My improvement has been slow since I don't practice. No live. No dry. Nothing. I shoot 1-2 IDPA matches a month and 3-5 USPSA matches a month. So, I get trigger time. But I really need to practice to make Master, especially in CDP.
  7. Do you have an extended ejector? I had a similar problem once. The top round was hitting the ejector. It was worse with a full mag because the ejector couldn't push down the top round. I shortened the ejector and the problem went away (the gun still ejected properly).
  8. S&W 640 - concealed hammer - a little heavier than some j-frames but much more enjoyable to shoot .357 Mags.
  9. Here's an interesting option. This should be good to go for SS and CDP/ESP (depending on cal).
  10. xcelr8n

    200 vs. 230

    I ordered a case of Montana Gold 230gr CMJ. They are more dough than LSWC or LRN but I'm looking forward to clean living... er... I mean, clean shooting!
  11. I'm a Single Stack shooter. I've always shot my reloaded 200 gr LSWC. I've decided to spend a little more for jacketed bullets in an effort to leave some of the smoke behind. I'm looking at Montana Gold bullets and trying to decide between RN 200 and 230. I plan to use TiteGroup for powder with Winchester primers. With both loads making the same power factor, which bullet weight would you shoot and why? Thanks! PS. If you are using TG and one of these bullets, I'd be interested in hearing your charge weight.
  12. I'm considering getting a Luminox Navy SEAL watch with rubber band. I like the style of watch. I'd like to stay in the $200-$400 range. I'd like to hear any other suggestions that fit my criteria or your experience with Luminox. Thanks!
  13. This looks slick. A previous owner stripped out the windage adjustment on my current sight. This would make a nice replacement.
  14. I was leaning towards the Weaver. Now I'm finding the Simmons 1.5-5x32 available and like the idea of more power. Thoughts?
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