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  1. That's true, I could just leave it in permanently and open the upper to reload the D60 from the top, California-style.
  2. All good answers, thank you. For now I'll stick with my ground-off M3s and decide if having the D60 is worth not having a magwell.
  3. As a newbie I may be missing something here but my M3 Magpul mags will not seat in my Lancer magwell. Same with the Magpul 60 round drum. Obviously I could just remove the magwell but is there another AR magwell out there that does not require later generation Magpul mags to be "modfied" to seat?
  4. I've just started to sort out which Syntech works best in my G34 and PCC. I tried comparing the 147gr Speer Lawman I've been using to both the Syntech 150 and the new 130 PCC load. The 130 won hands down in my unscientific "felt-impulse/lowest muzzle flip" testing. The 150 version is supposed to be for the pistol I think but I only wanted to stock one load and the 130 in my JP PCC is just magic. The difference in the G34 between the 130 and 150 felt insignificant. The 130 Syntech will become my go-to match load. I was really surprised how much better it was than than the 147 Lawman.
  5. So which is recommended for firearms, the regular or extended life?
  6. Sorry to resurrect an older thread but that's pretty damn funny. Mainly because there's much truth in it.
  7. Just bought a Gen 5 Glock 34. Ordered the ALS for a 34 and it fits pretty tight compared to my "test subject" Gen 3 Glock 17. First, there is no relief area on the outside of the holster for the new right-side ambi safety lever. Some Dremel magic will fix that. The other issue is the trigger guard is several thou thicker on the 34 making the fit very tight in that area of the holster. You can remove the tension adjust block and the gun will fit but some head scratching is in order to make it fit as well as the 17 does with the block in place.
  8. Probably a stupid question but can you go the other way with a Gen 5 Glock 34, i.e., 9mm TO 40?
  9. Thanks Stealthy, that helps a lot. He is pretty adamant about sticking with the retention he's familiar with and I couldn't believe how hard it was to locate what should have been a simple holster. Safariland is just weird sometimes.
  10. This is a pretty old post but I do have a friend looking for an ALS that will cover the muzzle of the Pro. Do you still have the model information?
  11. My journey began with an M&P, then an M&P Pro. Finally seduced by the 2011, I switched to an STI DVC Limited for about two years. Last weekend I had two stoppages due to fickle 2011 magazine issues, the last of several that have blown stages for me. I don't need help wrecking my scores thank you very much. I just realized I am not having fun and I do not have the time to tinker-fiddle with expensive magazines in the hope they don't let me down. Again. I shoot with two other guys with M&Ps, including my old Pro, and it occurs to me that they have never cleaned their magazines
  12. You didn't say how much experience you have but I am new, having only shot a dozen or so matches in the last couple-three years. I really enjoy the day and usually shoot with two really good friends. I find sometimes I have not done nearly enough to game and prep for the stage and when I "load and make ready" I realize I am not prepared. I find I need to draw a line before each stage between fun time and planning time to focus on the stage to have any chance of not embarrassing myself.
  13. My Springfield 9mm RO is currently at 40.3 with the aluminum housing and magwell and FO front sight. I am using Magpul grips which seem very light. I like the idea of a FLGR and it would seem that I can spend some weight on that. Which one do you recommend?
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