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  1. RBros

    Lilja or Rock Creek 5R barrel

    If you were strictly shooting 1k, the 28" barrel would help out. We shoot to 1k with our 23" barrels all the time and it just requires more attention to the wind. The 308 doesn't gain as much velocity per inch of barrel as more of the performance based cartridges. Our 155's run 2850 in the 23" barrel and 2950 in a 28" barrel. The other question will be the intended usage of the rifle. Are you going to run a suppressor ever? Tactical Matches in your future? etc..... Now on the barrels. Lilja's have been hit or miss in my experience. Some of them are extremely tight and will limit velocity before one hits pressure. Rock barrels work extremely well, but getting them is a problem at times. I generally run Broughtons on everything. They run a little faster, easy to clean, and are extremely accurate. We ran 500 rounds through it in Bend last week, and it took 3 patches to clean it out, and it shot factory Hornady Match ammo right at 1/4moa. Shooting a 308 at 1k will force you to read conditions and in the long run make you a better shooter by being able to read those conditions.
  2. Great match Doug and Scott! Thanks to all the RO's and staff for helping out.
  3. RBros

    Need Cat tail for Leupold VX-6

    Its model SVMAPT. It shows in on the compatability chart, but I called them just make sure it would work on the new multigun scope.
  4. RBros

    Need Cat tail for Leupold VX-6

    They do make one. Just ordered one for mine. I think it's the same as the mueller.
  5. RBros

    1500yd+++ rifle caliber?

    The 7 Rogue is out new wildcat that is based on a necked down, long neck, blown out 300WM case. It runs 180 Bergers at 3180 in a 27" barrel with a comfortable load, over 3200 with top end max loads. Will be releasing it out to customers towards the end of the year after we run it for awhile. I thought about the RUM case, but its to much volume for the 7mm. It will work with slow powders like US869, but I wanted something that was forgiving and used a temp stable powder. This one seems to do it all. Will run within 50fps a 7RUM and STW (same length barrels) with ALOT less powder.
  6. RBros

    1500yd+++ rifle caliber?

    Getting to 1500yds really isn't that hard anymore with todays components. We have done it with out 6mm's and even stretched it out a little farther than that with them. Because of your requirement of taking game at those kinds of ranges, that really does put you into 338 Edge territory. I say 338 Edge because it outperforms the Lapua and has cheaper components to do so. Now with that being said, I don't know your skill level, but I can tell you it takes a ton of practice to be effective at 1500yds. This takes shooting. As Carl said, taking one of Shawn's classes is a great start, but even he will tell you that you need to crawl before you walk. My suggestion would be to get a Remington 700 action, and build either a 7RM or 300 RUM. Shoot it until the barrel goes out, then you will have the confidence and skill make the 1500yd+ shots on critters. Not saying the 338 won't do the job at closer ranges, but its way overkill, especially for 200lb whitetail. The 7RM with a 180 Berger actually shoots the same dope as a 300RUM with a 210 at 1K. It has slightly less energy, but the same drop and drift with way less recoil. Our new 7 Rogue with a 180 shoots flatter and less wind than both of them with still less recoil than the RUM. The Edges are the #2 build I do for guys, and surpisingly enough, I have bought a few back because they can't shoot them. To much recoil and blast for them. They end up with a 7mm at that point and are happy as hell. As much as we like the Edge for our style of hunting, we have started using our 7mm's more and more now for the area's we know are going to be under 1k. The Edge comes out when conditions are poor and the ranges are going to stretch out much farther. Lots of choices out there. Pick one and shoot the hell out of it.
  7. Something else to get you guys a little more excited for this match! Still a little wet and crappy pics, but will get some better pics when the sun comes out.
  8. The answer has been posted above, but an accurate rifle is required to shoot these distances and have the results you are looking for. My personal tactical match rifles will shoot around the 1-1.5" mark at 500yds, 3.5-4" at 1k under real world conditions....bipod, rear bag, prone in the dirt. Some of this is due to me, as they have also shot some 1" groups at 700 before also! These same rifles will shoot in the .1's-.2's at 100yds under the same conditions. A 1moa accurate rifle gets increasingly difficult at distances past about 400 really. The shooter also comes into play here as well. Grip torque, breathing, focus all comes into play more as the distance increases.
  9. Very interested in the pistol and I would like to make you an offer of $475 shipped. Not trying to be a tire kicker, it's just what I think the pistol is worth.


  10. Looking forward to it. Will have the bolt gun ready to go, might have to get you guys down before the match and put some rounds down range first! You won't need your own bolt gun for that stage, but will need to know how to read wind for sure. Rifle will be a under 1/2moa gun, so it will be up to the driver to dope the wind.
  11. RBros

    SVI IMM 38SC load request

    I am using .355 Zero's. Will chrono the 9.8 loads tonight and see what they do.
  12. RBros

    SVI IMM 38SC load request

    In my 3 port hybrid, 4 port comp with 10.0 gr 3n38, 125 Zero I get 176pf. Shoots flat, but I think I am going to back it off a little to see what happens at the 168-170pf range.
  13. Is dry camping available at the range?
  14. RBros

    Quinn 2 Mount rubbing slide

    Looks like the slide is ok. JT just called me and the design was changed a little to incorporate a vibration dampner shim........mine didn't have one. He's sending me out one. Can't beat that type of service. Appreciate JT! Will be making a temp shim tonight so I can use it for this weekends match incase the shim doesn't show up.
  15. RBros

    Quinn 2 Mount rubbing slide

    Ok, a little update. It looks like the slide flairs slight towards the front and that is the contact point. I am going to set it in the mill and make it all the same.