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  1. The largest spread between sight and bore on any of my rifles is about 3" At 1 meter, the max possible drop would be this 3" If you have a 6" drop at 1 meter, that would mean the center of your optic is about 15cm above the center of the barrel. So unless you have a huge riser on your optic and a chin weld on your stock, or are using a parascope for an optic, there's something wrong in your measurements.
  2. How high is your sight over your barrel? This doesn't really sound correct.
  3. I'd say this confirms an ammo issue. If you have enough over pressure to blow the contents of the magazine right through the base pad, I think you'd have enough pressure to crack the barrel/slide. Not being too familiar with Longshot, can the case fit enough for a double charge?
  4. Features Weight: 8.5 oz / 241 g Insole: 6 mm Contour Footbed Midsole: Altra EGO™ Outsole: Vibram® MegaGrip® with 6 mm lugs Cushion: Low Stack Height: 19 mm Upper: Tear resistant quick-dry upper Copied from their site. Hope that gives you the answer you are looking for in terms of drop. Tread life, I've worn them for I'd say the equivalent of one good shooting season, still plenty of tread. Hasn't really warn down at all. They are super comfortable though, I can wear them all day without issue. Have Speedcross, Inov8 mud claws as well. The Altra are my favorite to wear
  5. I just like looking at comp designs which is why I asked to see it up close. I like shiny things... My PCC hasn't really changed since day 1. Mostly because I'm lazy, but also because its 100% reliable and I shoot it well. Now, if someone like Max ever finds out about Altra King shoes, there'll be no catching him!
  6. Anyone have a better picture of this comp or a link to it? Curious what it actually looks like
  7. I tried searching but haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. Was wondering if there is enough bearing surface on a 5" SVI hybrid barrel to be able to machine back and thread it to mimic a factory IMM hybricomp length barrel. I'd like to build my own version of an IMM top end, and was hoping someone may have gone down this path before. Any advice is appreciated.
  8. Thanks. I figured I was overthinking it. I know what you mean about cutting more than planned. Design changes on the fly! I don't have the DRO installed on mine yet. Its siting beside the mill at the moment. My first build was more of a challenge to see if I could actually make something that works rather than make it pretty. Learned quite a bit. After the first 500ish rounds, pretty much had the bugs worked out and has been running well all year. Have about 4000 rounds through it now. This is a picture of mine when it was in progress.
  9. I'm referring to the front/bottom of the slide, where it transitions from comp to slide to frame. Most guns out there, they use a ball end mill and the cut is round, yours is a flat transition from comp to slide I'm referring to the cut you made in the picture below:
  10. Sorry, I meant the "Butler cut" type stirrup cuts. I'm starting to look at different cutters to try and match SVI butler cut appearance and angles. I'm sure I'm overthinking it.
  11. What kind of endmill/cutter did you use for the slide cuts? I prefer that vs a ball cut for a tri topped slide. I think it looks good so far. well done
  12. Where can one find a Schuemann barrel these days? everyone seems to be sold out.
  13. Wondering is anyone has any measurements for these two, or has built a gun with these components? I'd like to avoid any known issues before ordering parts. For example, I've come across posts that state Brand X's frame rail width (C in the picture) can sometimes be too narrow for Brand Y's slide E measurement....etc. Looking to build another open gun, and mimic an IMM. (SV hybricomp barrel, so I'm wanting to use an SV slide) My only frame options are Ck or STI. I'm not in the US, and the price difference between these two options heavily favours the CK. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  14. What was it that turned you off of the Atlas? Was it just a personal preference/feel thing or was it the actual build?
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