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  1. If the 38sc case gage and digital calipers are still available, I'll take them off your hands. Please let me know where to send money.



  2. If I'm in a hurry, then everything I do is not consistent or better. Preston
  3. I don't know how true that is. I've been reloading my XL650 for a year now. It uses the strong mount and literally just sits on top of a dresser. It's heavy enough that it doesn't move much, and I always take the time to do the job right. I admit, I was hesitant at first (because I didn't have a reloading room or anything that I could put bolts through), but it really has worked out well for me. I wouldn't advise it to anyone who had the space anyways to go ahead and mount the press... I can pick up my press of the dresser and have it stowed away in a closet in 10 seconds or so. Reloading components and all. Preston
  4. Welcome to BEnos forums. Preston
  5. What is the barrel length? Here might be a useful thread for you. If you use the search function on that forum, you will find plenty of loads for the 338L. Preston
  6. I use the Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger. I had the large range bag the other guys use, but the weight was shifted all to one side. I kept way to much stuff in that bag. The gearslinger has many organizing pockets to use and for me, it worked out better. Weight is much easier to tote when it's on your back. Preston
  7. I'm sure the gamer has played that particular practice level multiple times. How many times do yo think SID has run it? Preston
  8. 1st: 2011 SVI Open Gun (why not right?) 2nd: Glock 29 for Carry 3rd: Micro Uzi Preston
  9. I don't like being unarmed, so I took a few lessons from a Youtube video. Hope it helps! I tried to embed it so hopefully it works. Preston Edit because embedding didn't work...
  10. Welcome. There are a few of close by matches out in Lubbock. Do a little searching on the USPSA website. Preston
  11. Call SVI. When I was looking at the stainless grip, it required a new parts kit. I believe it was something like $200-250. I could be a little high on that price, but not by much. Preston
  12. +1 for the 650. I was in a similar position as you. I don't see a need for another press any time soon. Buy from Brian, he'll get you all setup with great prices. Good luck, Preston
  13. SkyScrapin

    XDm Open.

    Good work ( ). Which factory loads have you found so far that work the compensator the best? I'm assuming there is one that stands out... Preston Spelling edit.
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