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  1. Sound to me like the new spring may be the problem (too long or binding?) Have you compared the new and old springs?
  2. Walnut with a couple of cap-fulls of a 50/50 mix of nuFinish and Mineral Spirits, along with a (used) drier sheet cut up in ~2" squares.
  3. My 627 with a Fast-Fire 3 on a Raptor Engineering mount.... super - solid, low profile mount.
  4. Nope - the "standard" moon clips for .45 ACP are too thick - Ruger (for whatever reason) chose to design the head spacing on the Redhawk to require a thinner moon clip. The chamber spacing (bolt circle) is the same as on S&W's, so a .45 LC speed-loader for a S&W would work (for .45 LC) - but the moon clips are not interchangeable.
  5. Update - I had placed my order on Friday morning (prior to the listings vanishing), I got a shipping confirmation from eBay this morning. Don't know what's going on with the listings on eBay, but it appears that orders that were placed are being filled.
  6. Uh oh - I just placed an order yesterday for the same thing! Now that you mention it, I got a payment confirmation from PayPal, but not an order confirmation from eBay..
  7. I'd caution that the garden-variety (Original Formula) Simple Green is not something that you'd want to be using on anything aluminum... they make another version called Extreme Aircraft & Precision Equipment Cleaner that won't eat up aluminum.
  8. "Timing" is adjusting the alignment of the shell plate indexing to insure that the shell plate (at the #2 position) is correctly lined up with the priming punch when the handle is all the way forward.
  9. j The indexer alignment instructions are in post #12 of this thread... http://forums.brianenos.com/topic/194251-650-shell-plate-timing-fixed-indexer-block/?do=findComment&comment=2152022
  10. There are two different alignment procedures for a 650. The "common" one is the alignment of the platform to the tool head, needed if you have removed the platform for a major cleaning or to replace a worn/broken indexer ring. Dillon will provide an alignment tool on request (basically a plug that fits in a powder die) to get the primer seating punch hole in the platform aligned with station 2 of the tool head. The second one involves adjustment of the index cam to get the shell plate to align correctly with the priming punch. Again, Dillon will provide the alignment tool needed for this on request. In my experience, there is also a bit of fine tuning in alignment of the primer system itself - there is a bit of play that allows you to rotate the entire primer system (ever so slightly) to insure that the hole in the primer feed disk is centered over the primer seating punch. Dillon's instructions for the alignment procedures have been uploaded to this site in the past - unfortunately, the pdf file copy I have is too large for me to upload it here....
  11. Pictures (as requested)-"gauges" made out of odd aluminum scraps, relative thicknesses, and in-use.
  12. Yes, pretty much any change in bullet shape, especially diameter, will require a ramp adjustment. I run my Mr. Bulletfeeder with 230gr .RN 45's, 160gr .RN 38's, and 55gr .BT 223's - for all three calibers, I am using (the same) 2 shims. Once I got each setup dialed in , I made a 1" wide aluminum "gauge" that matches the thickness of the gap between the bottom of the ramp and the adjustment slot of the collator for that bullet (and made sure that I labeled them ) - makes switching from one to another quick and painless.
  13. What I do is cut up a (used) dryer sheet into ~1-1/2 squares and put it in the tumbler along with a cap full or 2 of a 50-50 Nu Finish/mineral spirits mix along with the walnut media. I let the tumbler run about 5 minutes before adding the brass. My brass comes out all clean and shiny after an hour, and I have been using the same media for almost 2 years. The squares of dryer sheet come out almost black and the walnut media stays clean.
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