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  1. I have ordered a zigracker and are wondering if any of you guys know the size and angle on the dovetail cut?
  2. Make sense, hadn't really thought of that. As it is now it's .027" left until lockup when the comp hits the front of the slide. it seems like the easiest way is to remove all the material from the slide, just wanted to make sure that wasn't the wrong way to do it.
  3. Ok, so i need to shorten the slide and not the comp, whats the point with cutting the slide at an angle? How much clearance do i need between the slide and the comp?
  4. I'm building an open gun and are about to fit the barrel to the slide (STI), but before the back of the hood reaches the breechface the comp hits the front of the slide, is this normal? In that case i will have to remove about .035" from either the slide or the comp, which one? /Peter
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