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  1. I will still need for the staff to send me their shirt size! Don't want a bunch of ROs in belly shirts
  2. Shirt designs! $15 for XXL and smaller, $20 for those larger. Let me know - (jason.angell.ja(at)gmail) BACK OF SHIRT FRONT LEFT CHEST
  3. Shirts will be ordered in ONE WEEK!!! These will not be available for purchase at the match - they must be pre-ordered!! jason.angell.ja@gmail.com Take care, Jason
  4. Shirts will be $15 for XXL and smaller, $20 for anything larger. They will be heavy cotton (Gilden brand) that is pre-shrunk. The color this year will be “Prairie Dust” which is very close to a coyote tan and the graphics/lettering will be black. Please make check out to “BGSL-PD” (Bluegrass Sportsman’s League – Pistol Division). If you email me at Jason.angell.ja@gmail.com I will provide the address to send the funds!! Thank you!! See y'all in April
  5. Less than 24 hours left for shirts! XXL and below is $15 and for those with a "full figure" they are just $18 Let me know at: Jason.Angell.JA@Gmail.com To those that have ordered, THANK YOU! Take care, Jason
  6. Time is running out for the shirts!! I will be sending in the order next Tuesday! Send me an email at Jason.Angell.JA@Gmail.com to make sure you have one... If you have ordered one and not sent that check yet please get it in soon so I can get Corey off my back Take care, Jason
  7. Alright it is official (well, sort of ) we will have shirts!! Price will be $15 or a big bottle of Corey's favorite Bourbon will be taken in trade!! If you are a "Big and Tall" type (over 2X) let me know and I will get a price for yours. Below is what the back will look like and the front will have "Battle in the Bluegrass 2011." Color will be a medium gray with black writing and graphics. Shirts are Gildan brand. If you would like one let me know. Jason.Angell.JA@Gmail.com See y'all in April! Jason
  8. Here is a picture I got of Manny shooting stage 4. Thanks Phil for a great match!!
  9. Living on ~600 acres in Kentucky I have found that for most critters the 12 gauge and .22 are all that is NEEDED. But, if she gets the house this is a perfect opportunity to NEED a new toy of some sort....say a 50BMG? My favorite though is still my AR. It has fallen off the four wheeler, been dropped in the mud and I don't worry a bit BTW, if you have a .22 rifle, CBs are perfect for small yard pests Good luck and enjoy the piece and quiet!! Jason
  10. Ciener sucks! Expect the worst customer service and about 6 months to get the crap they make. Check the ciener sucks website and the BBB and then make your decision. Jason
  11. Add me to the list. Who do I send the deposit to? Thanks, Jason
  12. 4K MGB 9mm 115 FMJ for $280. This was my first bulk order since i first setup my 550 two months ago. I got 5K of brass coming as well, it was $22/K cleaned and sorted only. Jason
  13. "What you DON'T want to do is shoot a 9mm conversion barrel in a 40 slide. That's been tried, with mostly all bad results."--- I just switched to this!! What are the problems?
  14. Just seeing the words "Ft. Sill" and "Basic Training" give me the chills still to this day...Graduated BCT in '94. Congratulations to you both... jason
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