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  1. photo of c-more dot size color chart I took many years ago so I never had to try to find this info again.
  2. David Long @ Precision Bullets has been my go to for almost 20 years now. Love his 40/185s in my Triangle STI Fat Free Long Slide over a ridiculously low charge of Titegroup
  3. Memorial Fund Link Jim's Memorial Information PDF
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. It used to have some sort of adjustable iron sight on it. I thought it was Wilson Combat also but the holes don't line up.
  5. Can anyone help me identify what rear sight this cut is for?
  6. https://clubs.practiscore.com/wgc-uspsa-classifier-match-july-2014/register Classifiers: 03-07, 03-04, 06-04, 99-13, 13-05, 13-08 http://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/13-08.pdf http://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/13-05.pdf http://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/99-13.pdf http://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/06-04.pdf http://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/03-04.pdf http://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/03-07.pdf
  7. Link to registration in original post takes me to a page that does not allow me to register.
  8. West Monroe, LA on July 19, 2014 Unofficial / Unsanctioned Steel Challenge style match put on at the Ouachita Parish Public Shooting Range to benefit Northeast Louisiana Veterans Association Wounded Warriors. $ 5.00 raffle tickets for a chance to win Dillon RL550B (don't need to be present to win!) Message OPSO Public Shooting Range if you want tickets but can't make the match. Free T-shirt if you pre-register by June 22nd. Please help spread the word! Official Match Contact: TC Trichel Cell: # 318-732-0237 Email: manpowertc@bellsouth.net OPSO Registration Form.pdf
  9. The Clark and DPMS are not the same.
  10. at the NW Louisiana Regional @ our home range. I was very impressed. Ok our guy here will continue to train and get ready for a team that needs him. He would be a first timer but still A class material. he does not know that yet but he is doing real good. Jake P. is going to shoot with us again to make our third. El Presidente Jason Massey and Mike Massey need a 3rd man. both of Mikes sons are unavailable this year so give one of them a call.
  11. Louisiana Regional Info NOW Posted! link
  12. Finally able to get some details on the NW Louisiana Regional. 1200 point match. Everything @ The Shootout Range / Princeton, LA (Home of Clark Custom Guns, Inc.) this year. 1 pm Friday Practice Match Saturday Finish up match Sun. & Practice if time available. Details will be posted here by 11:30 pm CST tonight.
  13. StevensBrass.com Web site prices are for those interested in a few hundred - call Susan (910-250-0202) for "bulk" pricing (I got $ 25/1000) for 40S&W.
  14. That's awesome. I'm taking my son to see it this weekend. We've watched them together on DVD countless # of times. I'm kind of surprised that he's willing to go. Figured he'd say that he was too grown up for that "kiddie" stuff. He's 11.
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