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  1. Installed a case feeder on my 550 dedicated to 45 Colt and am having problems with the operating rod for the primer system hit the case feeder adapter. Also, it seems like the little white rollers aren't quite in line. Anybody seen this and have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  2. Dillon part #13005 Powder Activator, Pistol has just a tapered nose to bell the case and does not have an expander function. It will bell the case enough to seat the bullet but will not expand the case and will not cause any sticking. I don't have a photo handy but will try to post one later.
  3. That's kind of why I usually don't run my machines completely dry. I'll leave the shell plate full between sessions.
  4. Eric, Come on back for it! The Wild Bunch World Championship has been there since at least 2011and several annual matches. I promise this one will be fun. Boggus
  5. I am happy to announce the 2016 New Mexico State Wild Bunch Action Shooting Championship! May 28-29, 2016. It will held at Founder's Ranch in Edgewood, NM, the SASS world head quarters. 10 stages of fun and excitement. There will be side matches on Saturday, a potluck/cookout/party at Rio Grande Brewery in Moriarty on Saturday night and some great awards on Sunday. Plan on 300+ pistol rounds, 90+ rifle rounds and 75+ rounds of shotgun for the main match. Contact me for registration forms. tboggus@hotmail.com
  6. I love mine! Have them in 3 different calibers.
  7. If its in your crimp die, I would take a brass rob and tap it back out. The crimp die is open on top and you should be able to push it back out the bottom. Its not going to go off. And we were all noobs, once. Been loading nearly 40 years and still feel like a noob, sometimes.
  8. Use the dies you have and as I load for at least 5 calibers on a regular basis, I have 4-550s and 1-650 set up. Extravagant? Maybe, as you mention, but my time is valuable and if I can load 2-300 rounds in the time it takes to do a conversion, its worth it. Especially if I change over 10 times in a year.
  9. I find that I can outrun the feeder on high speed with 38 Spl in the 650. And I don't think I go that fast....
  10. A bit of a mess but I can find everything.
  11. Boxerglocker, your die is .060 of the shell plate? 60 thousanths? Not that it's your problem but Dillon recommends that it just be touching the shell plate. I'm guessing you meant .006.
  12. +1 Unless you're loading a lot, the carbide sizing die is not necessary as you still need to lube. I have not broken any of the Redding dies I have and run about 60,000 rounds a year through my 38 Spl and 45 Auto. And no need for the Lee die.
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