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  1. Price not an issue. Only real issue is that the two cans I orderd do not arrive until the 24th. But I am going to get started tomorrow night. Thanks for all the info!
  2. I know..I know But my work really keeps me here. To make things worse they are now trying to pass a "One gun Per Month" law... But thanks for the help offer
  3. Hello all, I live in NJ where it is one handgun per permit. I recently applied for 3 permits and I purchased a Kimber Gold MatchII 45ACP and a Ruger GP100 357m. I also own a Berretta 92F and a Sig 380. Here is my issue. I am shooting 2 times a week and after the new year I will start going to matches (USPSA). I also just purchased a Dillon 650 for 45ACP. I have one more permit to use and not sure what caliber to get or in what. I was considering a Sig Sauer 226 Equinox in a 40cal But the with so many caliber guns the reloading becomes limited. Should I get another 9MM or 45 just get the 40cal and get conversion kits later in the year. Your thoughts?? Thanks
  4. Unfotunately no one in my area (Monmouth county NJ) has the One Shot.
  5. Hello all I got my 650 setup for 45 acp. Here is my question. Is case lube required? I have ordered Hornady One Shot but because of shipping restrictions it will not arrive until next week. I should have ordered Dillon Case lube to get me going but I did not, and here I am. Is ther an alternative I can use to hold me over , is it a must, or should I just wait? Thanks Pete
  6. Thank you Duane Great article and great tips.!! Keep them cummin!!
  7. Raise the bar!! Figure out a way to get them both!! Do not settle. Remember...Fortune Favors the Bold. Pete
  8. Could the ammo have anything to do with it?? I just got my Kimber Gold match II and it is awsome. But I am all over the place with my Berretta 92f. I was told to change my ammo. I haven't done that yet .. any thoughts, comments, or facts......
  9. Well The Kimber and the 22kit came in today. I was only able to fire 100 rounds with the 45. and did not switch to the 22. I am really pleased with this gun. It is noticably better than my Berretta 92f. The accuracy improvement is significant.. I have been home for an hour and feel like i need to go back t o the range . AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  10. Hello all, I am waiting on my Kimber Gold Trophy Match II(45ACP). I also ordered a 22lr conversion kit for it. Is it a good idea to practice with a different caliber?? I am thinking that the shot experience is totally different. Are any of you doing this?? Thanks Pete
  11. I just ordered my 650 for 45 ACP will probably also order the conversion kit for 9MM
  12. This game is addicting. My wife thinks that I (and all of you, for that matter) are nuts with the mony we spend. For me this has been theraputic. Great people helping each other out in a great American pass time. Thanks
  13. are you shooting a compensated or un-compensated gun? Compensated guns have a tendancy to have lead build up in the comp which can be fun to clean out. If it is un-compensated there will be a "smoke" factor from the bullet lube. Either way, there will be more residue in the feed ramp are from the mixture of unburned powder and lube, if you are a clean fanatic then there will be more work for you. I shoot an uncompensated gun. I heard a guy at the range today talking about how he never shoots lead and I wanted to learn more.. Thanks
  14. What is the downside(if any) of shooting lead bulllets ?
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