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  1. Talked to Remington about new vm competition models claim of recoil of a 20 ga and 3.5" shells. The lady told me the new comp model has these features but not the regular model vm's. Wonder what's different in the comp model that would give one the recoil of a 20ga and not the other vm's?
  2. Okay, went to a couple of stores and handled the VM's and a 1301. The 1301 seems a bit lighter which might equate to a little more felt recoil , the quality and looks were top notch, though. Seems I liked the vm's feel a bit more, (my personal opine), so it is a versa max I'll go with. On remmys site it states the comp model reduces recoil to that of a 20 ga., and takes 3.5" shells? Is that true of all versa max models or just the competition? Found a zombie model for $990 is that a decent going price for a vm, the tactical ran around $1200 seems. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Okay, need to find something for the wife (and me sometimes) to shoot. Looking closely at these 3 shotguns. Versa max tactical, zombie, or benelli m2. Use,,, plinking, steel, HD, occ. dove, etc. all around shooter. It needs to be able to handle light loads, due to back surgery, main purpose of new one. Any advise on these 3 from users will be most appreciated. Thanks
  4. I've used corn media for 20 yrs or more with never a flash hole problem. Get the corn media that has the consistency of corn meal, real fine. Comes with or without polish added. Got a $2 lettuce strainer and a plastic tub. Pour brass and media in the strainer after vibrating and shake it like you're panning for gold. Gets all the media out. .02 cents worth
  5. I've used a small base die for over 30 years with no chambering probs. I polish the expander ball down a half thou or so for a good neck fit on the bullet. Grab a Wilson headspace gage for correct shoulder setback to set your resize die with. A lee factory crimp die if you want more crimp or depending on bullet. My .02 cents
  6. Have some solo 1000 on hand,, 5.0 fills the case about half. Tried 10 test loads, full function with the kimber, also have some ww231 with same results,, horn 230 xtp. Now my stinkin dillon dterminator scale is dying, so no more loading until I find another scale. Not a dillon. Thanks for the info.
  7. Been out of the 45 acp business for about 15 years now. Just picked up a sweet Kimber Eclipse Pro. Looking for a powder that fills at least half the case or more, so there will be less chance of the dreaded double charge (like bullseye) Call me chicken, but you know murphys law. We're good friends. ha Will be using 200-230gr fmj, jhp. Occ match shooting, mostly paper punching for fun. Thanks for your help.
  8. 9milli

    55 & 69 powder

    3rds for H4895, buy an 8lb,er, run a few test loads for the primo powder weight with each bullet, then load to your hearts content, and go SHOOT. Don't get caught up in the endless, countless, variable of which primer, case, powder, bullet, cold outside, hot outside, earth rotation, etc. Been there, done that. GO Shoot and have fun.
  9. No, I meant 17/34. I knew there would be slim pickins for a G34 light holster so I had hopes that maybe a G17 holster might possibly be available that I could use for the G34. IWB, OWB, looking at options. Thanks for all the input.
  10. Anyone have info on a holster for a 17/34 with a light attached for CCW/carry? Doesn't seem to be a lot of info on these, or I missed it. Thanks
  11. I use static guard. Comes in a spray can, for clothes originally.
  12. Just wondering, is the warranty pro rated like a car battery, or even exchange, and will this company be around in 20 years? Thanks
  13. I'm sure they are battery only, just wondering how well they work.
  14. My dillon electronic scale went belly up this morning. I know I can send it in with $85 and get a new one (which still PO's me). How does Brians BE scale work verus the dillon? Thanks
  15. Glock stock 34 shooting 147gr bullets with solo 1000 using a 14lb spring, do I need to change it back to the factory spring (17lb) to shoot factory 115 fmj's, or will the 14lb work with both, with no harm to the pistol? Thanks
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