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  1. I've had one (Pantera in .40) for about a year now, around 3k rounds so far. It worked like a dream for the first five rounds, then it turned in to a nightmare and ran full auto. The seller fixed that issue, but it came back with another problem: the hammer fell to half-notch every now and again. I ended up buying a kit from Cylinder & Slide and changed out the hammer, sear and disco myself. Ended up with a nice and safe triggerpull.

    The mags were nothing but trouble in the beginning. They would drop in recoil of loaded to anything more than 13 rounds, and misfeeds was the rule not the execption. A mag release spring from SVI + tuning of the mag release notch in the body cured the dropping problem. Springs and followers from Grams cured the reliabilty issues.

    On the positive side: Once the trigger issues and mag issues were solved, it turned out to be an accurate and reliable pistol. Not a single malfunction in the last 2800 rounds, and mostly Alphas :)

    You get quite a few upgrades you'll have to pay extra for if you get a STI Edge. Integrated magwell in the grip, fibre front sight and an extended mag release. All SPS pistols are chromed, and seems to hold up mutch better than the blueing on the Edge. The parts are dirt cheap as well, I've bought several grips in different colours without breaking the bank. The magtubes are OK, and cheap. Stay away from the springs and followers, they are rubbish. Best stay clear of their aluminium base pads as well, they don't last long.

    If you're on a budget and want a 2011 the SPS Pantera is the way to go. You can spend up to $600 on a trigger job and still end up with a "better" deal than if you buy a STI Edge.

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