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  1. I'm 59, I got to where the front sight was just this blur on the front of the pistol. When it came time to get a new prescription filled, I asked to the eye glass place to help with my inability to see the front sight. The place was locally owned and the owner listened to me and suggested that we take my "tri-focal" glasses and basically turn them upside down where the magnifier part was on the top of the lens, I had him make me another pair of glasses in this configuration, it worked. I can see the dust on the front sight, but I do sacrifice clarity at distance. I only use them in USPSA matches as most of the targets are within the range that even with the fuzziness on the distant targets, I can still make them out good enough, I can't see any "perfs" for the scoring zones though, I just shoot center mass. After 35 years of playing this game, I did finally give in to "Open Division" this year, but I regularly shoot the other divisions and use my "special" glasses for that. Go Seniors!
  2. I have stock Mags with Grams kits, all run 100%. I also used clear silicone to stick the spacer in place.
  3. They last a while, I think I have only changed mine once and I have loaded many thousands of rounds. When it wears out, you will notice it not holding the primers and when the bar slides forward, you might have a primer sitting on the bar and one in the cup. That is one of the spare parts that you should have on hand, not expensive, easy to change. Your primer pick up tube ends wear out the same way, they will not hold the primer when you pick them up from the flip tray. They are handy to have as well. I have had my Dillon 550 since the early 80's, it's still working great!
  4. I have a question that seems to fit this discussion,....I shoot with both eyes open, don't know why, I have always done it since I started in USPSA. I do it with either iron and red dot sighted pistols. I shoot an Open pistol now due to my age and eyesight ,...my question is this; when engaging targets with a red dot sight, are you watching the dot and you bring the dot onto the target,..or,... are you watching the target and you notice the dot when it gets on the target? The best I can figure is that since I shoot with both eyes open, I am looking at the target then I notice that the dot comes into the my vision plane and I press the trigger. I have asked fellow shooters and get different answers. One of my shooting friends says that he always closes one eye and concentrates on the dot. He does very well so this technique is working for him.
  5. I am truly sorry to hear about Glenn, he was a real southern gentleman. I met Glenn on my fist trip to Magnolia several years ago to shoot some ICORE and he was a friend from then on. He promoted the shooting sports and was a welcoming face at match registration. He will be missed.......
  6. Someone please update this thread on the plan for refunds,.....emails have been sent asking for them..... Thanks
  7. I know of several people who will not attend due to this change including myself, would someone please post as soon as possible how they are going to handle the cancellations / refunds for this match?
  8. Bedell! Just got mine in 2 weeks ago,...can't say enough good things about it, feeds my hand loads great, I didn't have to change anything and it is LASER accurate!
  9. I have three Glock pistols, I think that Glocks are the go to gun when things go bad, having said that, this is my opinion on Open Glocks,............. I have an open Glock,..it was a home build with aftermarket parts, L/W barrel, Carver comp, SJC side ways mount, C-More dot, SJC magwell, and so on. Shot it for almost two years, did OK with it but I never got a handle on an accurate 165+ PF load though. Did it run, yes, it ran without any issues, as dependable as any Glock. Like I said, I never developed an accurate major P/F load, but, after putting the stock barrel back in the pistol, I realized that it was the barrel. Now, I had a decision to make, put more money in it or go in a different direction. First, let me say, that I am as tight with my money as any of you out there, I think that you reach a point where you ask yourself, "how much money do I have to spend to play this game in OPEN division? Things that I noticed shooting an Open Glock; you definitely know you are shooting a major load, that round going off is a wake up for sure. The 2011 Open pistols that I shot didn't seem to be that violent in the hand. I also, I question whether a Glock can be made to be as accurate as a 2011. Of course the trigger differences are monumental, no way a Glock trigger can be made to be anywhere close to a 1911 style trigger, and then the feel of a Glock compared to a 1911/ 2011 style handgun, nothing feels as good as a 1911 style grip angle. What do you want to accomplish shooting in Open division with a Glock? If you just want to just play the game on a limited budget, this is a way to get your feet wet. If you want to get in Open and mix it up a little with everyone else at the upper end of the division on a local level, get a 2011 style pistol. Yes, K.C. shot a Glock and did phenomenal things with it, but he had companies behind him to make him the best Open Glock pistol possible and of course, he is K.C. ....what else did you expect? After making some hard decisions, I have a 2011 pistol being built, did it cost more than an Open Glock, oh yeah! But, I am going to continue to play the game so the investment had to be made. My Open Glock is now relegated to be a Steel Challenge gun, I still like my Glocks, and play with them regularly. Just my opinion for what it's worth. Shoot Fast!!!
  10. Practice involves shooting monthly club matches some where. I have no range to practice at, there is a public range run by the state Wildlife & Fisheries, but they do not allow drawing from the holster or rapid fire (double taps and such). Dry fire is about it,....
  11. I am currently using N340 in USPSA to make minor with 124grn Berry's bullets with no problems. Refer to the Vhitavouri manual for your load data.
  12. I'm classified in all the divisions, I have the guns to play in them, so why not? Granted, I am accused by my shooting friends of jumping from one division to another too frequently, ( I also jump between USPSA and Steel Challenge) it's hurts my performance and I agree with that statement. I kind of base what division I am going to shoot next on what pistol I have not shot in a while. I have a couple planned bigger matches upcoming where I am going to shoot "Production", so I am going to try to stay with Production for the rest of the year. My Open pistol is getting a work over, so till it comes back, "Production" it is. But, when it comes back, it will be Open from then on.... (hopefully) It's all about the fun,...no sponsors are going to be knocking down my door anyway....
  13. I tried Berry's 124's with AutoComp for major, the main thing I discovered was that the plated bullets (Berry's) are very sensitive to "crimp". My accuracy was poor till I started backing off the crimp and accuracy started to return, still not satisfied though. I backed off the load and started testing again. My Open G17 has a L/W barrel and Carver Major comp, maybe it's the barrel, but I am not satisfied with the accuracy yet. In a "Minor" caliber load, the accuracy is good, but start increasing the velocity and it starts opening up. I have not yet done any testing with Montana Gold complete metal jacket bullets.
  14. I too have an Open Glock G17 and shoot steel with it....one statement,.....load down, any muzzle flip is minimal compared to the "pop" of a major load for Steel Challenge. I could not get my Glock as flat shooting as a STI gun. I am of the belief that ANY muzzle gas has to have some effect on the comp, agreed not as much as major P/F ammo, but that blast from even minor loads has to impact the chambers of the comp somehow and the reduced load with the right weight spring will help. I have gone to a faster burning powder for my minor P/F loads which I perceive to be softer feeling. Just my perspective....
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