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  1. Wow!!! I've been an MRPC member for more than a decade... I've worked lots of matches outside my home club and always suggested that MRPC try to bring in a big match. I got lots of reasons why this was just not possible... but here we are... 300 competitors coming into MRPC for the Ohio Section. This is just awesome!!! Congrats to Dan and the rest of the crew for actually making this happen!!!
  2. Yikes! After a decade of working big matches all over the planet, I thought this was just going to be a good, ole 'local match' where I could kick back a little!! Congrats to Dan and crew for putting the Ohio match and MRPC on the map. Great job guys, and looking forward to being a part of it once again! Also, just for the record... while the prize table sounds awesome, if anything comes my way in the staff drawing, I am donating it back to the match for someone else (unless it is a winning $200M Mega Millions ticket). Just sayin'...
  3. I'll pass on the huge thanks, and you are correct that Stats is probably the most under appreciated functions in any match. As far as keying 2000 score sheets... she's had pretty good training after keying her portion of the 36,000 or so scoresheets at the last World Shoot!!!
  4. Chris, thx for the comments on Deb. I will pass them on. However... I was quite surprised to hear her say that while she likes working in Stats, she prefers working Chrono with me (from her Friday experience when Ralph was out shooting)!! She made a comment that she 'is going to have to learn how to shoot all those guns though!' I guess we'll have to see who gets her next year!! Watch out Ralph!!! All, it was great seeing so many old friends! Wish I could work more matches like I used to but it is what it is. I've worked well run matches, and not so well run matches in the US and through IPSC, around the World. This match ranks right up there as one of the best run matches I've worked. I hope to see you all again next year...
  5. Maybe I shouldn't comment because I was not actually at the match. However, I have worked a bunch of major matches over the past decade including many Sectional, Area, and National level matches... along with IPSC Continental Championships, and a World Shoot. One thing I can guarantee you is that each of these matches has problems! Sometimes it is weather... other times... range food... porta potties... parking... someone did not order enough of X... and the list goes on and on. The challenge is always for the staff and competitors to WORK TOGETHER to make the match happen!! One thing I WILL guarentee is that the staff WANTS you to have a great time at a great match! Just remember, this is a volunteer sport and each of you are 'encouraged' to get involved and help put on either local or major matches. It is a lot of work, but it is also very rewarding!!! Take the timer at your next club match from the guy that 'always has the timer'... volunteer to work an Area or Nationals match... go through the CRO, RM, or MD courses so you can give back to the sport you love... Just sayin'
  6. First, it's a team effort to pull this stuff off and every good team has a coach, so thank you!! Second, over the past decade I've worked more than one new match, with new MD, and it usually isn't a great experience. I have to say that this was the best run new match that I've worked with almost every little detail covered. Soooo, thanks again!!
  7. Hey Bill, it really wasn't that close, as we got to 165.0 using the best three of six. Sooooo, he didn't even need the seventh bullet. Let's face it, whether we shot or weighed number seven... that might have pulled him up to 165.1 or even 165.2... As always, was great seeing old friends and meeting new... and for those of you that commented... 'I heard you were dying...' Actually no, I'm just kind of walking wounded. Whatever I have does not seem to be progressive, so hope to see you guys for years (next stop... IPSC Pan Am Shotgun Match in Kentucky)...
  8. Dan, Your chrono stage is ready to go. What is the current shooter count? Deb and I will be disappointed if we are talking less than 200 per day (those L IV and V IPSC matches do push the envelope)... Also, are any of our GA brothers coming North for this match (I'm not naming names, but you know who you are)? Sure seems that us Yankees support them in the South. Just sayin... See everyone in a week. Gonna be a great match and great time. Be safe!
  9. I really don't think this will be an issue but am working with USPSA staff to clarify it. I'm sure I will have a definative answer before the match, but... if not, I will likely call this just like 'if you don't have a functional bullet scale at a match'... rule book says you use competitors declared weight (of course, final decision belongs to the RM). My goal is to run this as close to the Nationals/World Shoot chrono stage as possible so people know what to expect as they move to the bigger matches. BTW, one word to the wise... the 'big guns' always come through chrono without a hitch and usually in the low 170's (Major) power factor. They do not try to squeak in at 165.2 for example. Just sayin'...
  10. Yes, that was ugly, but the worst was at the last World Shoot when one of the Czech ladies team came through chrono. She was only two or three stages away from finishing the entire match and went sub-minor. We were running redundant everything, and there was no doubt she did not make the PF. She was surprised to find out the bullet I pulled weighed 115+/-, while she thought it should have weighed 125 (and of course, she opted to pull a second bullet as opposed to shoot it... still 115). Then... after the match... I found out she was running second or third OVERALL in ladies Production... Unfortunately, it doesn't matter whether you are a D class, or GM competitor, as the rules are the rules...
  11. Yes, weights are listed on the USPSA website. I was surprised to see Ken Skeeters only look up maybe one of two guns with the size of the match at Area 6. He pointed out that for the most part you only see a handful of guns, and he simply memorized them. I won't be that efficient, but hopefully this won't be a bottleneck either. I ran the chrono at the last World Shoot in Bali, and managed to stay ahead so I think we will be okay... Just hoping that no one shows up at chrono shooting Singlestack Major, and leaves shooting Open Minor like we had at Area 6...
  12. In preparation for future matches at MRPC, I was asked to run a full chrono setup, so that is what we will do. In other words, do not be surprised if your gun/ammo not only has to make has to make declared PF, but also fits in the official box, meets weight requirements (Production and Single Stack only), and pass safety inspection. Certainly not trying to rain on anyones parade, but if you attend a major match (many Sectionals, but Area or National for sure), you will go through the same routine. We are just trying to get everyone used to the bigger matches as I was really surprised how many comments were made at Area 6 chrono like.... 'a box?... I didn't expect a box'.... 'why are they weighing guns?'... etc. Anyway, no big deal as everyone I have ever met in USPSA always competes within the rules!
  13. Haven't been around here much lately, buy wanted to say... great to see old friends and meet new friends. Hope to see you at the Buckeye Challenge in a month...
  14. Happy Birthday to all the other October 10 birthdays!! Thanks to all of you that remembered my day!!
  15. 1954 Hillman Californian... complete with flat head four; four speed manual transmission with shift on the column; and only three lugs nuts holding on each wheel....
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