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  1. Vortex venom here on a glock 17 gen 3. EGW Dovetail Mount with around 8000 rounds, nil issues and one battery change only in two and a half years or thereabouts.
  2. My gen3 with dovetail mount and vortex venom gets beat up badly. If I had of thought of it earlier I would have taped up the aluminium housing with electrical tape. Glass gets hit too but shows no scratches or marks of any kind. i run about 136 power factor. I now have a serrated edge on the housing.
  3. They look good. I’d like to give one a try or at least handle one. Price is extremely expensive in Australia though. A shadow two is a thousand dollars cheaper.
  4. I had the same problem after about 15 years of use. Pact was great and replaced it
  5. I heard about the apex extractor fixing the issue but ipsc production optics doesn’t allow aftermarket parts so I just left it. Some sort of a thin shroud would be good to prevent damage to the glass housing.
  6. My loads are running at around 136 power factor with a 125 grain projectile and I have grip tape and a tight grip on the gun but the optic still gets hit. On the bright side the optic is still going strong at around five thousand rounds. I’m impressed with vortex however have heard good things about the delta point. Vortex seems to make a great product though.
  7. I have the same issue with a stock g17 gen 3. Vortex venom and egw dovetail Mount. Love the setup but the aluminium housing of the red dot really gets beat up. Glass doesn’t have a scratch though even though it gets hit a lot. I think there was a way to fix it by changing the extractor and or ejector but I just haven’t bothered. The vortex seems to be a tough optic. Would be good if there were some sort of polymer shroud available.
  8. I use a 3moa venom. Small dot but very bright and no issues in bright sun. Good for difficult shots on partial targets or distant targets. Very tough sight too, I have it slide mounted on a g17.
  9. How is carry optics going on competitor numbers in the US? Is popularity growing? Ipsc production optics seems really slow on the take up here in Australia. Last match I shot with about 190 odd competitors we only had 4 production optics. I do hope it gains popularity it’s a lot of fun to shoot.
  10. That would be great. All in one place.
  11. Hi, I’m from Melbourne. I have a vortex venom 3moa on a Glock 17 for ipsc production optics. It’s mounted on a egw dovetail mount. About two thousand rounds now, holds zero and no problems as yet. Great warranty on vortex products and I bought mine for under four hundred dollars. Hope that helps.
  12. Hi, I’ve used the front ameriglo fibre optic for quite a while on a g17 with the standard plastic glock rear sight. I think it is great for the price however I am now using a red dot and if I change to iron sights again I will use warren sevigny sights with a one ml fibre. All personal preference though.
  13. So far I have about one thousand rounds through mine with the venom. No loss of zero however as I mentioned earlier the brass hits it hard enough to damage the aluminium housing. One other thing I noticed is that the battery cover is slowly unscrewing but that might be me not tightening it snug enough. Funny thing is the glass must be fairly tough because the brass is hitting the glass hard enough to leave marks but the marks which look like scratches just wipe off.
  14. Vortex venom on egw mount and g17 gen 3. Brass hits it but love it. 3moa. And vortex has great warranty.
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