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  1. I have one, and the thing that hooked me was the "feel" of the action. I wasn't looking for a rifle that expensive, but after playing with it, I knew I would always want to get one. Recoil lug, I don't care. None of the custom actions is going to have a recoil lug that isn't rigid or "strong" enough. The Pic rail on top, the advantage/disadvantage of integral is obvious. It won't come off. If you have one, no worries that it will loosen. Also no ability to change it if you want one with a different angle. Mauser claw extractor? They can be wobbly and not as smooth as a round bolt,
  2. Doug Koenig, factory Ruger shooter, uses one.
  3. For a 9mm consider the Ruger Charger.
  4. FWIW Blackout subsonic punches IIIa armor with ease.
  5. There is also a new Trigger Tech cassette-type that's MPX-specific. Or the KE Arms with a linked disconnector that sits below the trigger so the hammer can't hit it.
  6. This sounds right. I have one from a couple years ago. Older Glock mags fit well and drop free, but new ones that fit ambi Glocks are a tight fit. To the point that I got Magpuls to use in matches instead. I also got a newer lower (so I could build a pistol) and all the mags I have drop free.
  7. There are youtubes on how to burn them out but it's slow. It involves drilling deep holes, flammables, and usually a full day or two until they turn to ash. You sort of have to keep watch so the fires don't get out of hand.
  8. For reals? I have a bag full of receivers somewhere.
  9. You could only buy one lifetime back then.
  10. That's because there's a lot of crap out there put together by clueless people.
  11. I had a colonoscopy years ago when I was taken to the hospital for diverticulitis. Drinking the goop and blowing the poop was horrible. At least it was a short walk to the procedure room and back. I'm highly resistant to opiates for some reason so the Demerol cocktail didn't knock me out. It was about like 1 Heineken. Luckily the colonoscopy didn't hurt either. I was able to walk back to my room without trouble. Fast forward to a new doc who says I should get another one. I tell the doc of my concerns since I live 80 miles away. How am I going to do the prep garbage, how am I going
  12. It looks like the magazine on the FM lower is not at the usual Glock angle. Is there a story behind that?
  13. WRT tape, since the grip module is changeable, take a look at those. The Wilson one is fairly available and fairly cheap.
  14. I just coil it up and put it in my range bag, but it's a pretty big bag, an old Ernie Hill.
  15. I chose the FM upper because of the side/forward charger. It's reminiscent of HK rifles. The handle can be moved left or right so it's good for lefties. I haven't tried a silencer yet, but without the normal charging handle channel I'm hoping it's less gassy. Some of the rearward mounted side chargers can crash into your face if you leave the gun mounted.
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