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  1. Thanks Johnny! The guys that worked the match did a great job. Considering the magnetic force field that was at work, you did damn well at breaking through it! :-) Have a great New Years and an excellent 2014!
  2. Jason, yours was one of the missing ones and we couldn't get a hold of you. Please email a copy of your score sheet to info@texassteelshootout.com and we will take care of it.
  3. The scores are now posted. We had a few missing scores and could not locate the shooters at the end of the match. If you have a missing score and have a copy of your score sheet please contact us and we will make the necessary correction. Thanks. http://www.texassteelshootout.com/scores.html
  4. TSS Match Courses of Fire http://www.texassteelshootout.com/docs/cof.pdf TSS Rule Book http://www.texassteelshootout.com/docs/rule_book.pdf Match Hotels http://www.texassteelshootout.com/match_hotels.pdf Map to Range https://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&cid=6275790066674916801&q=Corpus+Christi+Pistol+%26+Rifle+Club&iwloc=A&gl=US&hl=en
  5. It will be a five stage match, two of the TSS stages, but changed a little and timed, and three 1-Alpha or 2-on-paper scored stages. Signup at 9:00 am, hammer down at 10:00 am. Should be finished by noon or 1:00 pm.
  6. Yes, that is fine for people coming in from out of town.
  7. We have experimenting with a few stages to better understand the dynamics of shooting all steel in 18 seconds. However, none of the stages that will be shot will be used in the match. The stages for the match will not have been shot by anyone before. In fact the stages are only just being finalized for the match and no one will get a chance to shoot them until the match or the staff the day before the match.
  8. There will be about 300 pieces of steel. However, it is unlikely you will get to shoot at everyone of them, but some of those shots will be misses. We have not seen many people get passed 2 reloads (30 rds) on any of the stages. 300-400 should be more than enough. Accuracy generally helps you more than just blazing through these stages, 20 hits on a stage would be doing very well.
  9. Yes, we still have room for a few more. I should mention that while we foresee no issues with walk-ins right now, the price does go up to $78.00 after December 7. Thanks! If the match fills up we will make sure everyone knows.
  10. As things look right now that should not be a problem at all. If that changes we will let you know, but understand that some people won't know if they can make it until the last minute, so will try and keep some slots open.
  11. Not this year, the aim was to keep the cost as low as possible and run the match as non-profit.
  12. Match Hotels We have negotiated with two hotels for discounted room rates for the match. Comfort Suites (60 rooms) $85/95 King/Double Code: CC Pistol & Rifle Deadline: December 2 Embassy Suites (15 rooms) $119.95/124.95 King Double Code: TSS Daedline: November 22 http://www.texassteelshootout.com/match_hotels.pdf
  13. Still plenty of space available. The match is a over half way full, but as match day approaches it will fill up quickly.
  14. PhilD


    I gave up with my Glock Open, I could never get it to shoot flat enough. I know it can be done, but it was just not to be for me, so I'm trying my luck with an Akai Shogun.
  15. The match will definitely be a lot of fun! Not only will the stages be a blast to shoot, but the entertainment, food, and adult beverages after the match will make for a great experience! We have around 100 shooters signed up so far. Which is pretty good with with nearly two and half months to go! We are also still looking for ROs and match staff if you want to help with this match. Match staff shoot for free on Friday and work the match Saturday. If you are interested please contact info@TexasSteelShootout.com and let us know. If you are coming from out of town to work the match, we can help with a hotel for Friday night too. Thanks!
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