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  1. Obviously not too familiar with the system being discussed.... The mag brake can be taken out, but it's much better to run with the replacement part made for drop free in place.
  2. I don't think the XD's come with cylinders and moonclips.......
  3. As a fledgling pistol shooter I run a p16.40 PXT Ltd because I picked it up used for under $800 with 4 mags w/Dawson pads, and a Dawson ICE magwell. I'm no voice of experience, but I'm happy with it for now. It got me out enjoying the sport, and hasn't let me down once I got the recoil spring to match my loads. I've been running 150SWC loads, but when they are gone I'll be changing, since they need to be loaded long, and I'd like to find a bullet that will work in both my Para and the Sig P226 I just got.
  4. Sad. But like you said, you gave her a life she probably never had. The pain will never go away, but the pangs will come fewer and farther apart as time passes. My wife works animal welfare, and it seems like the house is empty if 3 or 4 of our pack of 9 aren't home! I gripe, but wouldn't give any of them up for anything!
  5. Quit joking around, I know you have reloading to do!! I'm skeered for Sunday, I could only shoot a 1.5moa group today.......but that was 30 rounds over a chrono. Look forward to seeing you sunday, just make sure you have dope for 600yards and in for that 1022!
  6. I use hard cast moly coated lead bullets in my 40's, but would never consider lead in an AR. To high of operating pressures and heat, let alone the possibility of lead buildup in the gas system.
  7. If ordering from DPMS, I can suggest what you will need will be patience..... I'd call Scott at http://www.specializeddynamics.com and you can get what you need (including great advice on what you need) from an AR master craftsman that is also a shooter.
  8. The CMC Shooting stars that I did load to 9 for my first mag of the stages did just fine too......
  9. Well, today was the first time I shot my "new to me" Springer 40. It came with 7 spacer mags, but I load to 1.18" for my Para already so I just tried a bunch of 8rd CMC Shooting Star 45 mags I already had. I shot maybe 100rds this morning just to try it out and just got home from our usual Tuesday night steel match and I'm happy to report it ran 100% both this morning and at the match. This am I found some mags didn't lock the slide back, but a little tweaking (and soon to be respringing) and they all run 100% now. Keep your eyes open on the classified if you need spacer mags, at least 5
  10. I'll be there. Maybe Thurs too-gonna zero the Premier tomorrow at Rio just in case I get to work Thurs though!
  11. Wow, as a complete newb to reloading for pistols, I came to the same conclusion BE did, am I luck or what?! 1.180" is what I shoot for (so to speak), but mine's for a Para.
  12. I'd really have loved to get a Trojan, but the finances won;t allow it. I just traded my old Kimber Custom for a Springer Loaded 40. It needed some TLC, but now I have the trigger where I want it, and it cycles (by hand) my dummy reloads fine from my Chip McCormick 45 mags. Tomorrow is the true test though-will be my first chance to fire it!
  13. My personal favorite for good budget 2 point sling is the old canvas M1 slings. Can adjust quickly for different carrying styles, and can unclip and be used as a real shooting support sling in seconds. Usually about $10 at the surplus places......
  14. RO'ing can be intimidating to me as a new shooter, but I don't let it keep me from doing it. Only way to learn is to do.
  15. I think 10 pieces of flair were the minimum....... I just flare the case enough that setting a bullet on/in "feels" right.
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