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  1. Thank you everyone for your gracious feedback regarding the holster. I didn’t mean to highjack the positive report on this TSO platform but I do appreciate the comments. I’ve been doing a small side-job holster business for the past six years mainly for local friends, fam, and Police agencies. I’ve learned a lot along the way but am not at a point to take this mainstream as there are so many amazing makers already on the market and my regular career and family time has me pretty busy. If your interested in something specific though I’m happy to take the conversation offline via email as it will show immediately on my phone and I’ll be quick to return your message. Thanks again.
  2. That doesn’t sound normal to me. Typically the higher rate spring will return the slide to battery with more force and thus dip the muzzle when lockup occurs. Does the slide velocity seem slower with the 16lb spring vs the alternate ones? I’m still getting used to my new TSO 9mm but all of my brass from my 130PF reloads ejects around 3-5 ft at my 3-4 o’clock position regardless of the recoil springs. I did notice with mine that the slide seemed a tad sluggish with my reloads and the stock installed tapered end 16lb spring compared to either the 11 or 13.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation on spring weights. I’ll hit the range again this week to try the 13# and thin safeties. Should be a winning combo I’m hoping.
  4. Just a quick follow up to my second day at the range with this pistol. I ran Dot Torture drills from 5 yds and scored perfect both times. Only other time I’ve been able to do that is with a Shadow 2 I did did notice that the left side safety was digging into my support thumb more and actually created a blood blister. So I installed a set of Shadow 2 thin safeties this evening to see if that helps reduce the interference and allows for my normal high grip. Finally, I installed the lowest weight recoil spring to run my reloads and felt that the gun produced more recoil than yesterday but with a notcible increase in slide velocity. Might try the medium weight one next. Can someone comment on what the three weights are with the 9mm TSOs? I’ve read the .40 versions but don’t know if they are the same between calibers.
  5. Just checking on how you modified the Magwell. It appears very well done! What tools were used? Thanks for sharing.
  6. I tried the P09 but I don’t think I gave it enough time. I was surprised at how easy it was to shoot. I had performed all the CGW upgrades to it so the trigger was really good for a polymer gun. I appreciate Glocks and carry one daily but in competition I’ve found at least for me that I don’t have to muscle the CZ and 19/20 11 platforms as much as a Glock. I had an STI Eagle 9mm and wish I had kept that. It was a nice shooter but I never fully appreciated it and sold it young into its life. I’m a lot like you in that I like the simplicity of Glocks and with a busy life I appreciate being able to shoot them then throw them back in the safe with no fuss or cleaning typically. They just run well...
  7. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a TSO 9mm to use as a steel / three gun pistol and wanted to provide some initial thoughts and feedback to potential buyers who have been on the fence like me due to the cost premium of the platform. A bit of background...The same week I purchased it, we had our basement flood from a storm that hovered over NY for three days and deposited record amounts of precipitation. Insurance wasn't covering the tab on the repairs so I decided to put the pistol up for sale on multiple boards including this one. After no bites, I decided to take it out today during my lunch hour and run it through a few drills to see what all the hype has been about. I've owned a SP-01 Shadow, Shadow 2, and a few different Tanfo's all in 9mm over the past few years and had gone back to shooting Glocks in competitions as of recent. So my initial thoughts on this TSO after shooting it are why didn't I buy one sooner! The grip feels just as good as the Shadow 2 and Tanfo's in that my hand naturally finds the highest point of contact at the beaver tail and locks in nicely for a firm equal grip when drawing. The thumb rest was pleasant and felt fine in its location and the safety that I thought was going to interfere with my support hand thumb wasn't a problem. The entire package is almost perfect for my shooting style... From the very first trigger pull I was immediately impressed with the softness of recoil and love how the front-sight just fell back onto target with no effort. I ran 100 factory rounds of AE 147g FMJ's and also an additional 100 rounds of competition reloads that consist of 135 Blue Bullets, 3.2g Prima V, Fed 100 primers. Accuracy out to 30 yds was amazing with both types of ammo. The AE 147's typically have a much more pronounced recoil impulse in my Glocks than the reloads mentioned. But in this platform, I couldn't believe how soft they shot! The reloads aforementioned were even softer but with a noticeably slower slide velocity. I will play with the recoil springs with the reloads to speed it up a bit more... A few observations that may require tweaking to make this perfect for me are the trigger reset and the non blended magwell. Multiple times, I missed the reloads in that the fresh mags were getting hung up on the mismatched magwell clearance to frame. The trigger reset doesn't feel as short as my Glocks and definitely not as tactile. I'm sure with a bit of training I'll be fine with it. I know I can adjust the over travel screw but I'm thinking that it may be close to optimal already based on how close the sear edge is to the hammer when the trigger is at its rear most position. Finally, I will be picking up a set of LOK bogies to compliment the grip - I have medium to large size hands and I don't necessarily find the grip to small but I might try the palm swells and standard thickness to see if it makes a difference. Also got bored over the weekend and made a double layer kydex holster for it. Put a few glamour shots below of how it turned out...It made running the drills much easier to gain an honest assessment of the gun being able to draw properly. For now, I'm looking forward to hitting the range again. It's been a while since a new handgun put this big of smile on my face:)
  8. Thanks for all your help everyone - I ordered several mags from one of the recommended sources here and am waiting to retrieve the new TSO. I'll fit the original base plates to the new 10 round mags based on the response above from Vincerama.
  9. Totally forgot about Greg Cote! I’ll check there. Anyone know if the orange base plates from the stock mags will fit the 10 rounders? I would think yes because the mags seem to have a dimple in the sides and not a different design but I haven’t held them to verify. Need to mention this is for a 9mm TSO.
  10. Yeah. Totally sucks but I’m in NY state...:(
  11. Hello everyone, I just purchased a new TSO today and need to find a source for 10 round mags. I’d prefer the single piece housing style vs the two piece plastic ones if possible. Does anyone know of a source for these? I’ve searched online to no avail. Thanks for any help!
  12. It sounds like you may have put the plate back in reverse of what it should be. Or the top hole portion of the stamped plate isn't back in the thru pin. Or the bottom isn't realigned in its groove properly. Any pics? When installed correctly, it shouldn't block the grips screws holes at all.
  13. Glad to hear the pistol is running good for you. I'm kicking myself for selling!...
  14. I didn't weigh the factory hammer vs the Titan as the Titan was already installed when I used the scale. I don't think drilling holes would be enough in the mag bodies as the wall thickness of the steel isn't enough to make much difference. I was looking at having to mill a .5" x 2.25" x .25" slot into the frame to get the weight down below 43oz. That slot would be way too much material to remove from the frame so I abandoned the idea... As a side note - the Stock 3 weighed 43.52 oz on the same scale without the guide rod or grips installed.
  15. I weighed my Stock 3 on a high end daily calibrated scale at my company and it came in at 46.02oz with empty stock magazine, and single sided safety. It has the Titan hammer, Xtreme sear installed already. I drew up a polymer guide rod and plastic grips in CAD and based on their mass, the gun was still almost 1.5 oz heavy for the IDPA weight limit of 43oz. Shy of milling material out of the frame or inside of the slide I don't know how to get there. Wish it was possible but the Lim Pro might be the only realistic way to get there.
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