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  1. At this time we have 17 stage sponsors, we are adding more weekly. 9 stages & 200+ rds. Please see our web site prpracticalshooters.com for a list of sponsor's. And idahouspsa.com for entry form. Ray
  2. Welcome, check out idahoguntalk.com for Boise area shooting, and prpracticalshooters.com (in Baker City, Oregon), the Idaho Section of USPSA, is Emmett, Nampa, Jerome , Idaho Falls and Baker City. Lots of shooting. Hope to see you on the range.
  3. A club in western Oregon lost their USPSA affiliation for the same thing.
  4. We get our scores posted, usually by 6 pm that night. Unless hunting (like this year) or at the Nats ( few yrs ago), then they have been a day late. My wife does a great job of getting them out.
  5. Murphy, could be, how about Murphy making your front sight fall off, or Murphy making your battery suddenly die, or I missed my reload, so that didn't represent my true ability, cause I can do it faster? You let them reshoot, I dont , it is what it is...
  6. I watched 2 people shoot a classifier multiple times, once because his mag fell apart while reloading, it's legal, but I think it's BS. As match director, we done roll that way. I honestly can't imagine why anyone would want to keep shooting until they got the "one" they want.
  7. Early spring, lite oil, then Tretra grease, Oct oil, Nov-Feb in safe, time for reloading. Gun runs good in cold, I don't!!!!!!
  8. I have a 7000, that I have used for about 5 years, it was replaced once by ..CED (no charge) , but other than that, it has worked great, the only drawback is, what Sarge said, it would be better (I think), if you could replace the batteries as needed.
  9. Shooting a area match is so much fun, if you win a plaque, great, but the new people you meet, PRICELESS...some, you may only see once a year, at a sectional, area or nationals. I know shooters that won't go to a area match, and say their not good enough, & I explain that a C limited ONLY shoot against C limited, but you may shoot WITH a GM limited. Shoot, have fun, learn. If you have a chance to go to national's, GO!!!!!!!! You will have the time of your life.
  10. 2 RO' s, one with timer, one with clip board, the one with clip board also has to watch, but may not be in position to see a 180 break. If they didn't see it, then no DQ. Kinda like a fan in the stands calling strikes or balls, only the umpire can make the call...
  11. I prefer CCI but WSP works just fine in my 650. With no noticeable difference in performance.
  12. 180 jhp $375.00, hope my wife can find another job. lol new web site was up , got my order in & confirmed, and now see it's down Again.
  13. Just to make one point, the berms were measured with a long pole and a tape measure, not a very accurate measurement, you should have used a transit....there is nothing on the other side of bay 1, except sagebrush, for miles......NUFF SAID
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