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  1. It'true.Also in IPSC the trigger control and sight picture are the only way to go. I cut down my basic fundamental list....
  2. hi all shooters, I'm reading my range report/shooting files that I used sharing with my training buddies, and, noting that respect to past I'm giving more importance to basic shooting skills, I ask your help to defining the ULTIMATE IPSC BASIC FUNDAMENTALS LIST. For me in random order: Grip/Stance/Movement/Precision (I mean sight picture-trigger control-follow through)/Focus. Or you consider fundamental Draw,Reloading,and others strictly practical (IPSC) skills?
  3. Center italy,Tuscany, few Km from Florence.It's a nice place for living,not so good for shooting.We have small ,sad ranges.......
  4. hi all shooters, after a lot of "lurking" (and learning)in this great forum i have to present myself: i'm a M class Pd shooter from Italy, and I desire to thank the all forum members for their contribution on my personal shooting improvement. A special thank to my shooting god Brian Enos,his amazing book " Practical Shooting" rules my training way;I never stop thinking and improving from the first time I read this book. (sorry for my poor English)
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