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  1. Check out CGW's for parts for your P120 https://cajungunworks.com/product-category/canik/
  2. It is easier to find aftermarket parts for the CZ. The main difference I found was the TriStar had sharper edges on the frame around the trigger guard that dug into my middle finger. I still own my CZ, someone else now owns the P120.
  3. .45 ACP nut

    SP-01 locking up

    I'm guessing you have resolved your issue by now. What worked?
  4. I puts this one on my SP-01 and it works as well as the LOK grip panel on my 75B.........https://www.guuungrips.com/collections/full-size-cz-75-grips/products/guuun-cz-75b-grips-h6-a?variant=22910382407738
  5. https://www.guuungrips.com/collections/full-size-cz-75-grips
  6. I made this mod to a pair of pliers a few years ago. The pliers have served me very well.
  7. http://www.egwguns.com/vp9-p30-p30l-p30sk-hk45-hk45c-vp40/
  8. Thank you. I'm not a PCC shooter. This was something I observed at a match and as an RO I was curious about whether it was allowed or not.
  9. A course of fire must never require a competitor to start with the carbine held on the weak side, But can the competitor choose to start with the carbine held on the weak side, when the course has a 'weak hand only' string?
  10. It's your time if you're the shooter. Tell them to go piss up a rope!
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